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4 AM.  (613)
21 June - 22 July  (517)
Isis.  (604)
"I won't forget"  (548)
Solitary   (607)
Acrostic.   (503)
Reverie  (479)
Fifteen months.   (506)

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Username:  littlewordsmith

Joined:  December 11, 2013
Last Login:  July 01, 2015


I’m 18 and writing is my reality escape. That’s all you need to know.

Profile Comments:

Posted by W.T.K on March 05, 2014
You're welcome!! I understand it very well, it's a passion

Posted by vibrantmind on January 05, 2014
your poems are really beautiful, i really enjoyed reading it. ♥♥

Posted by eric88 on December 13, 2013
It's no problem, you deserve all the praise