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Username:  Dark Artist

Joined:  April 17, 2012
Last Login:  June 06, 2012

I write dark poetry and please tear my pieces apart. I want…need as much criticism as possible because I know that it will help me achieve the ability in poetry that I know I have…or hope to have.

Profile Comments:

Posted by fostercare on May 16, 2012
Great additions

Posted by RianPitan on April 18, 2012
Welcome to our community Dark Artist! I've enjoyed your poems. It has always facinated me that no matter how sweet or how dark a poem's point of view, it still speaks to the joy or pain of the human condition, the temporary experiences we have, longing for or regret of these experiences, and our ways of coping. Do you have any longer poems that might explore more deeply? I would love to read one if you do...pleas share with us and keep writing!