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Across your Purity  (211)
Alchemy of Lust  (177)
A Fast Conscience  (184)
The Red Voice's Conscience  (186)
About the Old Hope  (225)
Backwards  (171)
A Link on a Trip  (172)
On a Beach Road  (176)
Between Sensuality and Divinity  (188)
From "Intimacy of an Herald" (I)  (184)
From "Elegy of an Herald" (II)  (172)
Rejoicing!  (160)
Dance on Pleasure  (184)
Laying on  (167)
On a Rainy Ritual  (172)
A Gentle Sorrow  (175)
Just a Confession  (171)
About the Old Seduction  (235)
On a Silent Motion  (199)
Turning on Purple  (320)
Galleon  (141)
On a way back  (182)
A Love Reminder  (141)
Heart and Intensity  (170)
A poem to still be encouraged  (111)
A Morning Display  (152)
Living on an Inner Temple  (149)
Soul and Insight  (152)
A poem to be recited  (124)
Solo  (136)
On a gray Friday  (92)
Reflections  (91)
A purple meditation  (81)
Reinsertion  (71)
Glimpses  (47)
An Obstacle in the Air  (54)
Being pure  (42)
On a naked caprice  (67)
Fear  (47)
On a spiral wave  (72)
Octopus  (30)
A dark sign  (41)
At three o’clock  (51)

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Username:  dante1208

Joined:  March 05, 2017
Last Login:  September 20, 2018

Youtube Channel: Dante Fernando

I’ve been writing poetry since I was 16; I find it very displaying, and I always thrive my literary style. I don’t define myself as a poet, but someone who writes poetry. I let many of my verses go in order to generate a manifest of what’s my soul saying, so I can perceive my own. Poetry is a self- knowledge and allows me to get a communion with the worldview and myself.

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