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Username:  RobinRebirth

Joined:  September 15, 2017
Last Login:  September 16, 2017


Youtube Channel: Ms Moviestar1

Greetings to all I love to write and the best part is finding the true gem of a read. My eyes show sparkle different shades of character.I am as real as they come.I am on various different sites. Robin on Facebook, open minds and hearts writing so artistic feel it in my song’s. Also, you will see my link, on my page, @ Google, If you need to reach me, feel free, I love hearing from people.I am on U-Tube I am a singer I know how busy we all can be but stop by and be a part of my family. Music means everything we all show our talent to move minds of something..My Pinterest page, is done very uniquely. I am there top Pinner I am called Robin Break records.I love people so stop by. Get your coffee I hope you enjoy my page let’s all stir up/ Robin rare gem never gives up.

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