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Title (views)
Beauty  (370)
Fear  (410)
A Past, Torn  (349)
Abandon  (458)
Realization of Self  (358)
Sun  (406)
In Fact, This is How Much I Hate You  (378)
Unborn  (441)
Descent, or: Creationism in Motion  (343)
The Greatest of Farewells  (413)
Gone Away  (385)
Deprivation  (374)
The Believer  (356)
Human Condition  (389)
Wingman  (427)
Face in the Room  (371)
Untitled 1  (402)
Love and Death  (341)
Paranoia/Paradox  (438)
I  (448)
Wish  (373)
Epitaph  (439)
Resentment  (356)
Continental Drift  (424)
Dark I  (411)
Dark II  (438)
Voice  (399)
The Room of Strangled Exasperations  (395)
Fragile  (398)

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Username:  AuraofConfusion

Joined:  June 17, 2012
Last Login:  September 10, 2012

Youtube Channel: AuraofConfusion

Don’t write with your brain. Write with your heart. If you have to think too long then you are lost.

"Creation isn’t beautiful
You inspire the ugliest things"
-Toby Driver-maudlin of the Well-

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