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(70) results for "Angst"

Title: diffidence
Author: grunge    Category: Angst    Keywords: diffidence , poem

Title: depression
Author: grunge    Category: Angst    Keywords: depression, poem, depressed,

Title: fallen angel
Author: grunge    Category: Angst    Keywords: fallen angel poem

Title: Anxiety
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Angst    Keywords: Anxiety, breathe

Title: Crumbling
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Angst    Keywords: Falling, breaking

Title: You
Author: Rextremens    Category: Angst    Keywords: You

Title: Delirium
Author: Eleanda    Category: Angst    Keywords: losing, love, letting go

Title: Like Clockwork
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Angst    Keywords: Depression

Title: Love
Author: sarahweldon    Category: Angst    Keywords: Love, hate

Title: Pessimist
Author: BSASSEE    Category: Angst    Keywords: Sorrow, self loathing

Title: In Fact, This is How Much I Hate You
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Angst    Keywords: Anger, Frustration, The Human Condition, Dreams, Reality, Hatred, Reflection, Nature, Royalty, Humanity, Soul,

Title: Naive
Author: supineplath    Category: Angst    Keywords: stay

Title: Condescending
Author: supineplath    Category: Angst    Keywords: Condescending

Title: Demons of Hell
Author: Potterhead    Category: Angst    Keywords: Suicide, Death, Devil

Title: A Middle Name
Author: wonderlandwakeup    Category: Angst    Keywords: Memories, Loss, Love, Silence

Title: I am broken
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Angst    Keywords: stagnant, angst, free, verse

Title: Black Oblivion
Author: Vesky    Category: Angst    Keywords: Black

Title: What Have I Done?
Author: Kris_Barton    Category: Angst    Keywords: life pain empty

Title: In a year.
Author: supineplath    Category: Angst    Keywords: I know you're gone and moving on.

Title: Scars
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Angst    Keywords: Depression, sadness, hurt

Title: The Forgotten
Author: SierraRaven    Category: Angst    Keywords: misunderstood

Title: .Shouldn't.Wouldn't.Couldn't.Didn't.Doesn't.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Angst    Keywords: Lost, Love, Gone, Hate, Sad, Depression, Anger, kiss, dissed, heart, pain, suffering

Title: You'll.Kiss.Me.Then.Never.Miss.Me.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Angst    Keywords: Loved, Hate, Pain, Blood, Death, Torture

Title: Scarred Scared Sacred.
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Angst    Keywords: Pain, past, future hope.

Title: Smoke Rings.
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Angst    Keywords: fear

Title: Alice Through The Looking Glass
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Angst    Keywords: Introspection, Self Hatred.

Title: Silence
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Angst    Keywords: Silence Alone

Title: .Boys.Must.Think.They're.As.Wise.As.Owls.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Angst    Keywords: Cheated, Harlot, thought, maybe, why?, hurt, pissed, angry, enraged, tearfull

Title: .Forget.The.Memories.We.Shared.,.Man.Whore.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Angst    Keywords: Pain, Lost, Love, Gone, Hate, Numb, Cold, Last, No, Slow

Title: Night doctor
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: djmhandi

Title: Penny on the Tracks
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Angst    Keywords: Suicide, depression

Title: Breathe Out
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Angst    Keywords: anxiety

Title: Weight of Life
Author: mbekks    Category: Angst    Keywords: wight of life the a

Title: Working the Night Shift
Author: jessicamoore    Category: Angst    Keywords: Night, work,

Title: Nobody's Phantom
Author: knowingnostalgia    Category: Angst    Keywords: invisible, hurt

Title: All I Loved
Author: Sweetie    Category: Angst    Keywords: Inspierd by Edgar Allen Poe "Alone"

Title: Inspierd by: Robert Frost "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Author: Sweetie    Category: Angst    Keywords: Sad, Memories, Nothing gold can stay

Title: Scream
Author: jmang33    Category: Angst    Keywords: ajf

Title: The Dark Objective
Author: thepoor    Category: Angst    Keywords: the dark objective

Title: DNA Specialists Are Now Benjaman Franklin
Author: thepoor    Category: Angst    Keywords: DNA Specialists Are Now Benjaman Franklin

Title: oh god, if it were the early 80's
Author: alberttheman    Category: Angst    Keywords: Angst

Title: the romance of fire
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: rushed it sorry

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Author: raspberry89    Category: Angst    Keywords: Mockery

Title: Dirt on the Ground
Author: raspberry89    Category: Angst    Keywords: Pain

Title: To a Liar
Author: raspberry89    Category: Angst    Keywords: lie

Title: Sad
Author: qintarra    Category: Angst    Keywords: Sadness

Title: Ode to a Boy Named Duo
Author: ElegantButler    Category: Angst    Keywords: Duo, past, pain, hope, death, life

Title: Things Best Left Unsaid
Author: mirageesp    Category: Angst    Keywords: empty void filling wretchedness

Title: Who's scared of who?
Author: TheLioness    Category: Angst    Keywords: confusion, unrequited love, mixed signals

Title: Im Not Ready!
Author: Ashleighc87    Category: Angst    Keywords: Apocalypse, Fear of work, Events, Nervous,

Title: Sax-O'phone on friar pose
Author: amv79    Category: Angst    Keywords: Sax, Jazz, Babe, Fluids, Cellophane.

Title: relapse
Author: mdb76    Category: Angst    Keywords: resentment

Title: Who?
Author: Wrangwar    Category: Angst    Keywords: distress abuse misunderstood

Title: her again
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: hello

Title: not sure
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: .

Title: Mama do you remember
Author: Lilpoetry147    Category: Angst    Keywords: Family discord

Title: Mama do you remember
Author: Lilpoetry147    Category: Angst    Keywords: Family discord

Title: Dark Days
Author: Janazar    Category: Angst    Keywords: Depression

Title: ejoi
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: .

Title: converse convergence
Author: jahmajor    Category: Angst    Keywords: converge connect

Title: closing
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: ..

Title: tiny hope
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: asdfas

Title: tiny hope
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: asdfas

Title: sdffawerqw
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: adfadfs

Title: Jump
Author: BetweenTheLines    Category: Angst    Keywords: suicide depression sad

Title: sailor
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Angst    Keywords: Ocean, Self, Monsters

Title: war
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Angst    Keywords: Self, Angels, Demons, Win

Title: Controller
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Angst    Keywords: life, control, disconnect

Title: tired
Author: eric88    Category: Angst    Keywords: a

Title: Machine
Author: jmang33    Category: Angst    Keywords: Ok