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(334) results for "Life"

Title: Peace, Friendship, Freedom
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: meaning of life

Title: Concealment Formed
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: image, self

Title: Life Is Knowledge
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: The wisdom of life and knowledge

Title: Words Are The Future
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: helping

Title: I
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: Emotion, Life

Title: I Continued
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: Thoughts, Life

Title: Hey You!
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: Confusion, Parent

Title: Inside Me
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: Youth

Title: Complexity & Enjoyment
Author: fostercare    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, Path

Title: A Moment In TIme
Author: Roy    Category: Life    Keywords: sunset, life, you, colors

Title: C o n f e s s i o n
Author: mpasca    Category: Life    Keywords: writing

Title: The Last Kiss
Author: jrh187    Category: Life    Keywords: hurt

Title: Mirror, Mirror
Author: jrh187    Category: Life    Keywords: self

Title: Nothings Wrong
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: family

Title: Life is building a castle
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Life Thoughts Hope

Title: Cutting Loose
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: pain

Title: Existence
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, stress

Title: Labyrinth
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Questions, life

Title: A Menacing Toad
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Toad

Title: the good in me. to my love my micky
Author: bleedingpoetry    Category: Life    Keywords: sad,love,good,in me,my cries

Title: Lovely Demise
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: lost, hurt

Title: A Shattered Shelf
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Broken

Title: Just a Girl
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: tears, falling apart

Title: Anticipating the Crumble
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: broken

Title: Losing It
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Lost, overwhelmed, pain

Title: The World, Unaware
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Lost

Title: Lost at Sea
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: lost

Title: Lyrical Chaos
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: lost, pain, confused

Title: The Story of My Masquerade
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Fake, hidden, lonely

Title: Guilty Conscience
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: guilt

Title: On the Outside
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: guilt, life

Title: Why
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Why

Title: Fate Twisted
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: Clumsy
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Not really sure

Title: Clumsy
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, hurt

Title: depth of dark
Author: tears of lust    Category: Life    Keywords: *its my first poem!

Title: It A Broken World
Author: Ehrlinger    Category: Life    Keywords: Broken Word: Tells about all the stuff we face!

Title: the maze of life
Author: tears of lust    Category: Life    Keywords: please coment and tell me how you feel about my poems

Title: His life
Author: kewlbanana    Category: Life    Keywords: His Life war dead death protest

Title: Love
Author: Froast    Category: Life    Keywords: Love Life

Title: Streets
Author: mrmojorisin    Category: Life    Keywords: streets

Title: Question
Author: Quill_Ink    Category: Life    Keywords: Quest, Question, Sinner, Death, Life

Title: Note to Self
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Mental Note

Title: " Here Lies Chester Robinson "
Author: Triz    Category: Life    Keywords: wild west, life

Title: Piece of Art
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Life    Keywords: Please tell me what you think

Title: Good Bye!
Author: Quill_Ink    Category: Life    Keywords: Blade, suicide, hurt, betrayal, satan, society, adapt, feelings

Title: My Paper Heart (Megaripples)
Author: The Rebel Cloud    Category: Life    Keywords: new, love, life, short, weird, abstract, dark, deep

Title: Life's Decline
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Life    Keywords: Dark, Life

Title: Prayers
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Life    Keywords: Lover, Rival, Prayers

Title: envy
Author: grunge    Category: Life    Keywords: envy poem, quickie

Title: Funny Are The Paths...
Author: AudreyMaxwell    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, Youth

Title: Treading water
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Thoughts Life

Title: Dandelion
Author: abc3096    Category: Life    Keywords: nature

Title: Sun
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Life    Keywords: Change, Sweat, Organic, Past,

Title: i
Author: Dice    Category: Life    Keywords: Human

Title: i
Author: Dice    Category: Life    Keywords: Ha

Title: i
Author: Dice    Category: Life    Keywords: thoughts

Title: Colorful
Author: Colebunny55    Category: Life    Keywords: As One, My original

Title: Decreasing Haze.
Author: supineplath    Category: Life    Keywords: decreasing haze

Title: regrets
Author: ktracey    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: It's the Wrong Address
Author: thePoetess    Category: Life    Keywords: life, humor

Title: I Am Me
Author: Steph630    Category: Life    Keywords: Self, Pride

Title: My Life
Author: abc3096    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: Penn Cemetery
Author: supineplath    Category: Life    Keywords: Cemetery

Title: Lonely people
Author: hugheson    Category: Life    Keywords: felling alone or being alone

Title: I want to run and hide
Author: hugheson    Category: Life    Keywords: lot of people are hurting

Title: One
Author: katinh    Category: Life    Keywords: Connected

Title: Pain and sorrow is everywhere
Author: hugheson    Category: Life    Keywords: suffering ans sorrow

Title: Old and New
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Chores Chores Chores
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: human

Title: Superman [Red Walls]
Author: louieanne15    Category: Life    Keywords: suicide, superman, love, death, dreams, broken

Title: I. Will. Think. Twice
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: memories, life, love

Title: New York
Author: SilverFern    Category: Life    Keywords: New York, Lights, Homelessness

Title: City Beat
Author: SilverFern    Category: Life    Keywords: Homelessness

Title: Color turns to Grey
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Consolations After Dark
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: love, hope, longing, life

Title: Life Just Moves Along
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: moving on, change. life

Title: Blazing Beat
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Life    Keywords: Hope, acceptance, joy.

Title: I'll Be Alright
Author: dodododododora    Category: Life    Keywords: Dream, scream

Title: The Pirate Sings a Song of Sorrow
Author: RickNastytheSlayer    Category: Life    Keywords: Love, Life, Liberty,

Title: Dreamer Without a Dream
Author: ilerlily    Category: Life    Keywords: drugs, brother, dreams, hopelessness

Title: Women Like Me
Author: ilerlily    Category: Life    Keywords: aging, love,disappointment, resentment

Title: The Survivor
Author: ilerlily    Category: Life    Keywords: captive, abuse, shunned, survival

Title: Elliot
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Drowning
Author: searchtofindasoul    Category: Life    Keywords: sad, drowning, exhaustion,

Title: Dance ♥
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: Love life, happiness, Dance

Title: Nobody Can Understand
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: Just life

Title: i wish
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Late Bloomer
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: late bloomer

Title: But...
Author: SierraRaven    Category: Life    Keywords: /

Title: And The Worst Part Is, I Can't Even Tell You How I Feel
Author: SierraRaven    Category: Life    Keywords: oh..

Title: not sure
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Author: lonesome dove    Category: Life    Keywords: Pain

Title: blah
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: ..

Title: no freakin clue
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Ka-Ching!
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: People, Life

Title: Strange
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Life    Keywords: loneliness childhood unloved

Title: OCD Orders My Life
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Life    Keywords: OCD

Title: Trance
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Life    Keywords: Tired

Title: Small
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Life    Keywords: no finshed though needed to write it down somewhere

Title: ....
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Unknown Memories.
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Life    Keywords: Loneliness family death memory

Title: .Bullies.In.My.Pudding.Again.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Life    Keywords: Bullies, hurt, bother, taunt, hate, pain, silence, fake, expression, life, lessons

Title: In The Mirror
Author: JozzyC    Category: Life    Keywords: Outcast, Life, Lessons, Love, Trial, Leader, Pessimists, Belong,

Title: The Victim
Author: paigezubel    Category: Life    Keywords: victim, right, wrong, tree, support

Title: The City
Author: McLenn718    Category: Life    Keywords: city

Title: Today, Tonight
Author: jmang33    Category: Life    Keywords: longing

Title: dont know
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: sys

Title: the second row
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: eight

Title: ages
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: koko

Title: all in one
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: program

Title: The Tear
Author: sondra    Category: Life    Keywords: life, confusion

Title: The Reflection
Author: sondra    Category: Life    Keywords: life, love, confusion

Title: Reality
Author: Pmich14    Category: Life    Keywords: Dream desire want wish

Title: her
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: not sure

Title: another
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: ..

Title: Sam
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: dream
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: 3

Title: all as one
Author: jmang33    Category: Life    Keywords: singularity

Title: Do you know me?
Author: Pmich14    Category: Life    Keywords: Pain, sorrow, life, dealing, better, learning, chances

Title: The imaginary Box
Author: ShellySommers    Category: Life    Keywords: box afraid parasite feeds

Title: My Life
Author: ShellySommers    Category: Life    Keywords: life drop-out bar smack

Title: Alone
Author: ShellySommers    Category: Life    Keywords: peaceful alone friend myself

Title: wormhole
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: The Light That Shines
Author: Blackhawk    Category: Life    Keywords: happy life

Title: Frozen With Fear
Author: PinellaRose    Category: Life    Keywords: Fear

Title: Chance
Author: sparkedflint    Category: Life    Keywords: Chance, luck, fate, destiny

Title: ABC A Secret
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Life    Keywords: over rulling of another obedient

Title: The Raven by Poe (Remix)
Author: mbekks    Category: Life    Keywords: poe raven death life dream mbekks

Title: Scars
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: We all possess them

Title: random
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: You Know That Girl?
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Life    Keywords: that girl

Title: My Fiscal Cliff
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Love and Money

Title: not done
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Masks
Author: Sweetie    Category: Life    Keywords: Masks, Conformity, Normalcy, Black and White

Title: The Chosen Road
Author: Sweetie    Category: Life    Keywords: Road, Choices, Lost

Title: The Straw
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Drawing a Straw

Title: "What Are You Doing?"
Author: Kingpinjones    Category: Life    Keywords: Sitting

Title: Opposites Attract
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, Love, and Loss

Title: Too Sea Be
Author: liamdud    Category: Life    Keywords: Song lyrics

Title: I haven't slept a wink.
Author: liamdud    Category: Life    Keywords: Thoughts at night.

Title: Moon Child
Author: qingold2    Category: Life    Keywords: Isolation, Longing, Love, Differences

Title: Back in the Game
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Life after Love is Lost

Title: wonder
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: ,

Title: Find me
Author: jmang33    Category: Life    Keywords: adfh

Title: Deliver Me From Fools
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Too many fools, stooges, etc out there

Title: How Can You Expect?
Author: Bcrisosto636    Category: Life    Keywords: Expect

Title: Re-locate
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Life    Keywords: Change of plan

Title: Our Journey
Author: C.S.    Category: Life    Keywords: Hope, Faith

Title: Time Tick
Author: Cherish.    Category: Life    Keywords: Life goes by fast.

Title: The Lasting Echo Of The Beaten Drum
Author: alberttheman    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: Adolescence
Author: alberttheman    Category: Life    Keywords: Youth

Title: bla
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: ;;;;

Title: my mind
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: sorry for the grammatical errors

Title: random thought
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: random

Title: another random one
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: dunno

Title: out of it
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: aksdfjajdfkajskf

Title: really out of it
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: c;adfajksldfjakljf

Title: Your Gift
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Unlocking the heart

Title: Stop Go Live Die
Author: adelaurier    Category: Life    Keywords: life, stop, go, death

Title: Left by suicide
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Life    Keywords: The escape by suicide. A life untold.

Title: lost a bit
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: bla

Title: a thank you note
Author: Josh M. Webb    Category: Life    Keywords: thank you, human

Title: addicted
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: ha

Title: April 3 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Life    Keywords: forget

Title: Death to the ego
Author: JamBoldOne    Category: Life    Keywords: ego

Title: abrupt, sorry
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: bla

Title: Heart
Author: adelaurier    Category: Life    Keywords: death, life, organs, heart, bloody

Title: Parasite
Author: adelaurier    Category: Life    Keywords: parasite, life, choked, acceptance

Title: Away With The Fairies
Author: erogers93    Category: Life    Keywords: Hurt, Life, Love, Betrayal, Fantasy, Dreams

Title: The Human Way
Author: Rayona    Category: Life    Keywords: Human, cruel, kind, pain,

Title: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Author: carolfraife    Category: Life    Keywords: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Title: Forgotten
Author: Shadowed Pen    Category: Life    Keywords: graveyard musings

Title: Provocation
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Life    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Childhood
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Life    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: An End to Idleness
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Get busy!

Title: Lie
Author: Jcee Goodlife    Category: Life    Keywords: Love, life, family, loss

Title: Life dug me a hole.
Author: Ashleighc87    Category: Life    Keywords: Depression, Love, hope, future, past

Title: Life itself can be beat
Author: pologirl9    Category: Life    Keywords: life, cruel, beating, strength

Title: My life
Author: pologirl9    Category: Life    Keywords: Too much, hard

Title: "Life"
Author: aeverstine    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: Amaranthine
Author: demosthenes    Category: Life    Keywords: introspective, philosophical, memories

Title: Childhood Reminiscent
Author: demosthenes    Category: Life    Keywords: nostalgia, retrospect, memories

Title: Creation
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Life    Keywords: Art, roses, life, beyond, death

Title: Clarity
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Life    Keywords: stars, humans, clarity

Title: Just Another Fan
Author: autumnrose22    Category: Life    Keywords: life sad

Title: breakfast
Author: mdb76    Category: Life    Keywords: breakfast

Title: T
Author: mdb76    Category: Life    Keywords: intolerance

Title: miscarriage
Author: mdb76    Category: Life    Keywords: love

Title: poem
Author: mdb76    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Sick And Tired
Author: SongChild21    Category: Life    Keywords: Corruption, heartache, inconsiderate, crime

Title: What You've Done To Me
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Life    Keywords: Staring, food, heavy, heard, trusted, starve, killing, inside,me

Title: Beautiful World
Author: reckless.redemption    Category: Life    Keywords: nightmares, beautiful, worries

Title: Untitled
Author: Texasgirl    Category: Life    Keywords: Recovery

Title: A Sister's Lullaby
Author: reckless.redemption    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, Advice

Title: The New Girl
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: The Hard Life
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: Experience

Title: Disaster girl.
Author: Jazzxoxo    Category: Life    Keywords: heartache, betrayal, cancer, love, pain

Title: Where;d you go...?
Author: Jazzxoxo    Category: Life    Keywords: Dad, father, deadbeat, sad

Title: Words Left Unspoken
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Life    Keywords: lies lies lies

Title: Lies
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Life    Keywords: depression, self harm

Title: City Lights
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Depression, hurt

Title: to the man in the corner
Author: ikechukwu    Category: Life    Keywords: a poem about how life or rather society can bring discomfort

Title: Women
Author: grunge    Category: Life    Keywords: Broads , pimpin ain't easy, can't live with em.. Can't kill em

Title: Last Thing
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Here I Am
Author: markov44    Category: Life    Keywords: Eating burgers

Title: Season Feast
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: Seasons

Title: Selfish
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Life    Keywords: Suicide, depression, anxiety

Title: Spiraling
Author: Unsigned Verse    Category: Life    Keywords: spiral, life, rhyming, deep, amateur, old

Title: The Cords Of Life [This is the first time posting one of my poems, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :)]
Author: bohlolita    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, Death, Birth, senses, sound, nature, light

Title: Where will I go?
Author: Daniel_Owen    Category: Life    Keywords: Where will I go Theater play

Title: random one
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Demons
Author: onyxx18    Category: Life    Keywords: curiosity

Title: Goodday
Author: carmen1409    Category: Life    Keywords: Good day bright happy

Title: The cup
Author: W.T.K    Category: Life    Keywords: Thoughts, allegory, lifetime senses, memories

Title: silence
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: silence

Title: dreaming
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: dreaming sun

Title: Open Invitation
Author: arcrod21    Category: Life    Keywords: Romance, Love, Relationship

Title: someone she knew
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: wind crowded square

Title: Starlings.
Author: Saffron6    Category: Life    Keywords: worth ,value, self, identity,

Title: Then I walked...
Author: W.T.K    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, death, memories

Title: Who
Author: W.T.K    Category: Life    Keywords: Person, life destiny, lessons of life

Title: Life
Author: W.T.K    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, learning senses, emotions of life

Title: Pros and Cons
Author: wonderfulblue    Category: Life    Keywords: Life.

Title: chaotic mood
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: mood brain heart emotion

Title: Long Con, Money Gone
Author: OTownPete    Category: Life    Keywords: Cautionary Tale

Title: the turn of the century
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: century memory

Title: For Every Thing...
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life, helping

Title: The Gap
Author: D.H.    Category: Life    Keywords: the gap

Title: Always
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Genesis
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Genesis

Title: Wandering
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Endlessly

Title: Communication
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Communication

Title: goodbye my friend
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: life fading silence

Title: misty mountains
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: dream learn unknown

Title: Heaven and Hell
Author: W.T.K    Category: Life    Keywords: Nature, feelings, life

Title: Sense
Author: W.T.K    Category: Life    Keywords: Life, experience

Title: new
Author: eric88    Category: Life    Keywords: alasdfasfkajskf

Title: Right or left?
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Life love right or left god Jesus religion inspiration

Title: So short
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Life inspiration short

Title: Hope
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Hope

Title: Temptation
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Life temptation

Title: Surfing
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Life    Keywords: Surfing

Title: A Path of Life
Author: k.r.23    Category: Life    Keywords: Road, Path, Spines, Vines, He

Title: Clear?
Author: k.r.23    Category: Life    Keywords: Treason

Title: The Way of Life
Author: k.r.23    Category: Life    Keywords: God

Title: the lady dressed in black
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: lady ice desires why

Title: my world is a moving stage
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: moving change pace

Title: she's not like the other girls....
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Life    Keywords: Prince charming, cry, be true friend, hard, fun, laugh, defend, okay

Title: spirits in the sky
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: spirits life sky

Title: The lost man
Author: tdowns23    Category: Life    Keywords: Poor funny bad sad help man money school life job

Title: Bittersweet
Author: girlzdiariez    Category: Life    Keywords: life, happiness, sadness

Title: This year
Author: Rubyroo    Category: Life    Keywords: New start

Title: Good intentions
Author: Rubyroo    Category: Life    Keywords: Dieting

Title: Corners
Author: Rubyroo    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: The feeling
Author: Jane    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: The Ties That Bind
Author: Robin Weary    Category: Life    Keywords: Faith, Lies, Trust, Clever

Title: Heartbeat
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: A Classic Game
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Living in a world... of mine.
Author: Peace Sells    Category: Life    Keywords: Living in a world... of mine.

Title: Accidents
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Stranger Within Us
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Summah!
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: summer, life

Title: A Girl's Selfie
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: The Enjoyment of Laundry
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life, family

Title: Death Through Chores
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: family

Title: Time with Friends
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life, friends, funny

Title: Far From Home
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: humor,funny,life

Title: sunrise
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: birth sunrise beauty

Title: Key to my City
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: Lost at Sea
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life, fishing

Title: Echoes of me
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: music dawn awakening echoes

Title: soon
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: soon life colours light

Title: The Computer
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life

Title: A Special Place for Dad
Author: poembeast115    Category: Life    Keywords: life, humor

Title: You always have a friend.
Author: Smile More    Category: Life    Keywords: Pain,friend,choose wisely,

Title: moment of pride
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: moment pride dancing years

Title: Serenity
Author: ssaleh    Category: Life    Keywords: tranquility

Title: autumn coloured forest
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: breath crystal tress

Title: What a life
Author: skepta7    Category: Life    Keywords: life, deception, expectation

Title: Life
Author: skepta7    Category: Life    Keywords: life, thoughts, opinion

Title: mirror
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: mirror face echoe visitor

Title: sleeping in the pouring rain
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: sleping rain words speak

Title: when memories forsake
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: words times face memories

Title: changes will come soon
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: changes fall call awakes

Title: Circles
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Life    Keywords: circles, gravity, past

Title: Reveal
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Life    Keywords: I, show, you

Title: Life
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Life    Keywords: path, life, destination, walk, trail

Title: Shape of your life
Author: Nirzat    Category: Life    Keywords: Memories

Author: Adroaldo    Category: Life    Keywords: poetry, sadness, hope, fear, war, world, life, brother, human.

Title: covert
Author: jmang33    Category: Life    Keywords: .

Title: Sweet compatriot
Author: StoryTeller    Category: Life    Keywords: life, refugee, hope, questions

Title: Full of life
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: moments life heart

Title: Tired out
Author: Adroaldo    Category: Life    Keywords: human being, society, hope, dreams.

Title: The Youth
Author: Adroaldo    Category: Life    Keywords: youth, life, love, world, hope, dreams.

Title: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Author: Verbal Junkie    Category: Life    Keywords: True

Title: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Author: Verbal Junkie    Category: Life    Keywords: True

Title: Dance Maccabre
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: death dance romance

Title: Time to rest
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: moment rest beauty I

Title: Mirage of rest
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: wandering princess rest silent wise

Title: No mercy to maybe
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: maybe mercy surprise nevermind

Title: Remember to forget
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: angel heart dreams desire

Title: Epilepsy
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: disable conquer opportunities brain

Title: No stranger to emotion
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: change misunderstanding emotion riddle

Title: The march of the singing children
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: sing colourful fantasy heart

Title: Forever lasting memory
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: existence time memory fantasy

Title: Blue Kimono
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: kimono life bright memory smiles love

Title: Who is she?
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: she actress lover kissed words

Title: Nobody knows but you
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: you love know nobody feel

Title: The lucidity of a fading memory
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: living moments birth memory sole

Title: Where it all began
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: place paradise beauty mine time

Title: For more than only one day
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: perhaps heroes mind face name fragile tears

Title: Pictures
Author: Natiii123    Category: Life    Keywords: Depression,Self harm

Title: Born from a tender touch
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: me you tender touch heart

Title: The light dies down
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: purple light past feel life

Title: A voice in my head
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: voice deep man moments love head

Title: Love is a familiar face
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: love face dear choices fragile

Title: Leaving nothing to be explained
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: relation living masterpiece sky fantasy horizons

Title: Tempted to fly higher
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: need relieve thunderstorm slippery sun hand

Title: The Intimacy of Silence
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: silence intimacy dance common man simple

Title: No longer denying to be frail
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: life love anger dreams eyes

Title: Life can Dance
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: life dance melody silence momories

Title: Open Eyes
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: eyes images open sun beauty silent

Title: At three o’clock
Author: dante1208    Category: Life    Keywords: Life

Title: Feel
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: feel joy sun desires silent

Title: Alive in a dream
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: alive dream rely journey heart feel

Title: Bring Beauty Home
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: beauty love melody home sweet

Title: Second chance
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: second chance free understand inside

Title: A child's hand
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: time word hope vision child memory

Title: Tender romances
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: tedner romance charms dance feel

Title: Your wondrous story
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: thoughts words story truth fight

Title: Imperfection
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: beauty mind colourful time light

Title: Time and time again
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: time destiny story hands curiosity

Title: A child’s ouverture
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Life    Keywords: inside child silent heart