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(434) results for "Love"

Title: Love
Author: fostercare    Category: Love    Keywords: love,

Title: Finally
Author: fostercare    Category: Love    Keywords: love, friend

Title: Image
Author: fostercare    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Friendship

Title: Nothing is what it seem
Author: Spark    Category: Love    Keywords: envy, love, hate

Title: It fills my soul
Author: Roy    Category: Love    Keywords: primal, desire, hunger, love, light, night

Title: Those Words
Author: Roy    Category: Love    Keywords: love, passion, meaning, understanding

Title: Things I Miss
Author: jrh187    Category: Love    Keywords: hurt

Title: Just Say No
Author: jrh187    Category: Love    Keywords: lost love

Title: It Is In Your Hands
Author: jrh187    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: clearwater
Author: grunge    Category: Love    Keywords: clearwater

Title: Ceasing
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: My Love
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Pain

Title: Into Our World
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: Is it Pathetic or not???
Author: Poetic smurf    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Kissing, Hugging, Happiness, You

Title: Together, Forever
Author: chloe_123    Category: Love    Keywords: A girl whos love for a boy is too much to bare.

Title: Too Many Pieces
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Love    Keywords: love, breaking up

Title: Breathe Into Me
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, need

Title: how to find love ? at a cash register
Author: grunge    Category: Love    Keywords: naivety , love ? , liar, idiot haha

Title: You Again
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, pain

Title: i try to be the one
Author: chloe_123    Category: Love    Keywords: she wishes she could be who he wants her to be

Title: We Could Work
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: I Love You
Author: Rextremens    Category: Love    Keywords: I do

Title: Duality
Author: Rextremens    Category: Love    Keywords: Flame

Title: Glory
Author: Rextremens    Category: Love    Keywords: Untitled

Title: Here We Are
Author: Rextremens    Category: Love    Keywords: Untitled

Title: My Soul
Author: Eleanda    Category: Love    Keywords: soul, love

Title: Soul's Cry
Author: Quill_Ink    Category: Love    Keywords: eternity, Love, Freedom, Soul

Title: Imperfect Perfection
Author: Quill_Ink    Category: Love    Keywords: Perfection, Skin, Soul, love

Title: unwell
Author: grunge    Category: Love    Keywords: unwell, love , disease

Title: Howl
Author: The Rebel Cloud    Category: Love    Keywords: love, new, short,

Title: This Silent Day
Author: The Rebel Cloud    Category: Love    Keywords: love, life, lost, pain, dreams, cry, song

Title: Galaxy of Love
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Orbit

Title: Fragile, Terrified...Simultaneously Free
Author: AudreyMaxwell    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, life, questions, emotional.

Title: Let Me Help You Carry This Brick, Sweetheart.
Author: AudreyMaxwell    Category: Love    Keywords: Relationships, Life, Lessons, Question, Love, Friendship.

Title: Shadow's Love
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Love    Keywords: Shadow, Transparent, Wounds, Love

Title: The Best Part of Me is You
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Love    Keywords: Me, You

Title: Missing Rib
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Love    Keywords: Nature, Fantasy, Rib

Title: Her Deep Brown Eyes
Author: NewAtThis    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: I Love Her Deep Brown Eyes
Author: NewAtThis    Category: Love    Keywords: Eyes

Title: Her Eyes
Author: NewAtThis    Category: Love    Keywords: Hopeless

Title: i'll wait
Author: grunge    Category: Love    Keywords: i'll wait, poem, love

Title: i just haven't met you yet
Author: grunge    Category: Love    Keywords: poem, i just haven't met you yet

Title: Beauty
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Love    Keywords: Apathy, Caring, Love, Reflection, Simple

Title: Snowdrops
Author: Captain06    Category: Love    Keywords: hill , snowdrops , quietness

Title: WITHOUT YOU ( a Valentine’s Day hate poem )
Author: abc3096    Category: Love    Keywords: awsome poem to give your husband on valentine's day when your mad at him :)

Title: Truth
Author: Love Story    Category: Love    Keywords: Except,Honest

Title: High
Author: meishaMae    Category: Love    Keywords: High Flying

Title: Realization of Self
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Love    Keywords: Change, Growth, Metamorphosis, Introspection,

Title: Romeo
Author: louieanne15    Category: Love    Keywords: Romeo, dreaming, daydreams, love, crush, infatuation

Title: Hello You.
Author: karaispurple    Category: Love    Keywords: Rhyme, Inspiration, Fantasy, Happy, Poetic, Smiling, Finally, Moving on,

Title: You Can't Love Someone Through Tumblr
Author: karaispurple    Category: Love    Keywords: tumblr, pain, depth, static, love, hurt, her, other, cheating, emotionally, electronic, deeper

Title: More right than the other.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: more right than the other.

Title: Lessons Learned
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Lessons Learned

Title: The Lights.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: the lights

Title: Disembark
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Disembark

Title: Impossible.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Impossible

Title: Intertwined
Author: Potterhead    Category: Love    Keywords: Suicide, Pain

Title: Four Years
Author: Potterhead    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Unrequited, Hope

Title: A returned gift
Author: hugheson    Category: Love    Keywords: giving

Title: Untitled
Author: JustUhNotherSoul    Category: Love    Keywords: Lost love, women

Author: hugheson    Category: Love    Keywords: mom

Title: Keep my love in your heart
Author: hugheson    Category: Love    Keywords: keeping my love

Title: Love and Death
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Love    Keywords: Love and Death, Conflict, Mental, Emotional,

Title: Dream girl
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Love    Keywords: Change, love, want

Title: When Empty Minds Wish to Fly
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, longing

Author: carolann319    Category: Love    Keywords: LOSS

Title: A Playlist
Author: wonderlandwakeup    Category: Love    Keywords: Stars, Lullaby, Promises

Title: Letter Not Sent
Author: carolann319    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: Soul connection
Author: carolann319    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: Language Barrier.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Language

Title: Broken Hearted
Author: carolann319    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: Thighs, Face and Butt [Sexually Explicit]
Author: BenjoJames    Category: Love    Keywords: thighs face butt gun sex love lust romance

Title: Dream Girl
Author: WaldoParsons    Category: Love    Keywords: Romance

Title: Shedding the Montony
Author: Eilidh Hart    Category: Love    Keywords: depression, sensual, nature, romance, monogamy

Title: Sentence (For Geri)
Author: Seyi Wright Jr.    Category: Love    Keywords: kiss, eternal bliss, sweet and wet, dew, playful earth

Title: Things We Do For Love
Author: Seyi Wright Jr.    Category: Love    Keywords: caught my eye, yester years

Title: When You're Gone
Author: NathanZwicker    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Longing

Title: Just a Friend
Author: justme    Category: Love    Keywords: friends

Title: A Cowboy Hero’s Daughter
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Love    Keywords: fathers, daughters, love, cowboys, hero

Title: Eye of the beholder
Author: Vesky    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: Epiphany on Infatuation
Author: YoungPhilosopher    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Inspiration, Beauty, Life, Freedom

Title: Reasons Why
Author: DeeJay    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Romance, Peace, Equal Rights, Death, Suicide, Pain, Hope, Change

Title: I'll lie
Author: Phillisizawesome    Category: Love    Keywords: broken heart

Title: how should i feel
Author: eric88    Category: Love    Keywords: just a bit confused

Title: Unrequited Love
Author: veeedough    Category: Love    Keywords: love, unrequited, sadness, reminiscing, italian sonnet

Title: Night Wind
Author: Melora    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Passion Soul Heaven

Title: A Love Affair Costs Love
Author: ilerlily    Category: Love    Keywords: love affair cheating angers dark taught

Title: Maud and Polly
Author: ilerlily    Category: Love    Keywords: love, old age, parrott, devotion

Title: Among the betrayed
Author: dearsmiley23    Category: Love    Keywords: broken, betrayed, love, memories, torn, searching

Title: Always
Author: dearsmiley23    Category: Love    Keywords: life, living, always, heart, love

Title: Hopeless wishing
Author: dearsmiley23    Category: Love    Keywords: You, me, her, wishing, love, irony, heart

Title: Tingle
Author: SierraRaven    Category: Love    Keywords: love, kiss, happy

Title: Fjords
Author: yerdusk    Category: Love    Keywords: Fjords

Title: Repeatedly Ceasing
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Angst, Love, Hope, Life

Title: Love lost
Author: Jen    Category: Love    Keywords: fire, love, sadness

Title: The Ebb and Flow
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, angst, life

Title: Love Blurb
Author: alissprincess1304    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: He.Was.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Love    Keywords: love, scared, first, emotion, feeling, bloom, right

Title: I Love You Loving Me
Author: alissprincess1304    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Author: babyfresh720    Category: Love    Keywords: heart filled

Title: Drowning.In.Your.Puddles.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Life, Rain, Puddles, Kiss, Hands, Gentle, Right, Numb

Title: .Young.Love.And.Cooties.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Romance, Beautiful, Amazing, Kiss, Missed, dearest

Title: .Burn.Me.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Love    Keywords: Eyes, Azure, Fire, Love, Passion, Happy, Burn, Chills, Curiosity

Title: The Pianist
Author: paigezubel    Category: Love    Keywords: love, passion, piano, play

Title: 2 become 1
Author: huntor162    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: Conundrum of Contemplation
Author: huntor162    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: web
Author: dany    Category: Love    Keywords: dating

Title: Ebb and Flow: A Warm Dagger's Dance
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: Forsaken To My Sins
Author: AugustusCaesar    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Pain,

Title: at the end
Author: eric88    Category: Love    Keywords: in my mind

Title: True love
Author: cesar2394    Category: Love    Keywords: meeting that special one.

Title: Written
Author: ghostkali    Category: Love    Keywords: True Love, Time, Longing

Title: how many one's
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: change

Title: The Final Battle
Author: Blackhawk    Category: Love    Keywords: Dark love story

Title: The one
Author: Blackhawk    Category: Love    Keywords: Love emotional truth angel

Title: untitled2
Author: sparkedflint    Category: Love    Keywords: love, questions, longing, desire

Title: Dragons
Author: knowingnostalgia    Category: Love    Keywords: butterflies

Title: Surprise
Author: knowingnostalgia    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, uncertainty

Title: Be My Valentine
Author: knowingnostalgia    Category: Love    Keywords: valentines day

Title: Lucky Stars
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Walk under the Stars

Title: kasi
Author: somethingintheway18    Category: Love    Keywords: best friend

Title: No Vacancy For Love
Author: Seyi Wright Jr.    Category: Love    Keywords: tossed, contaminating

Title: Song Of A Lover (For Fatimah)
Author: Seyi Wright Jr.    Category: Love    Keywords: sit, lit, wield, yield...

Title: The Best Time
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Following sunset walks on a Florida beach

Title: Short and Sweet
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: My GF and I reconnected after many yrs apart.

Title: Into the Essence
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Traveling deep into each other

Title: Arson of the Heart
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Too Hot to Handle

Title: doesnt really have a title
Author: somethingintheway18    Category: Love    Keywords: about a girl

Title: Heart Sprung
Author: jessicamoore    Category: Love    Keywords: love, song, red ribbon, heart

Title: That one guy
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Love    Keywords: him wishing for

Title: Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Love and Pain -- a Country and Western touch

Title: Keeper of My Heart
Author: jessicamoore    Category: Love    Keywords: love, heart

Title: All Those who fell
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Love    Keywords: sandy hook love rip

Title: Someone Other Than You
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Love    Keywords: someone else other than you

Title: Pour Poor Miss
Author: wearemolecular    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Miss Poor Pour Like Poem Poetry Peace Share Connect

Title: M. Walker
Author: MPoe    Category: Love    Keywords: love, romance, heartbroken, in love, boyfriend, adore,

Title: Bring Myself To Doubt
Author: wearemolecular    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Doubt To Myself Bring Peace Share Connect Like

Title: My Love
Author: C.S.    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: that bad
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: blahhh

Title: My Beautiful Little Rock
Author: Kingpinjones    Category: Love    Keywords: Love; Rock; Gemstone

Title: Love To Know
Author: Kingpinjones    Category: Love    Keywords: Heart

Title: Rio By The Sea
Author: Kingpinjones    Category: Love    Keywords: Sand; Sun; Kiss

Title: Narrow Racetrack
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: haha

Title: Since Forever
Author: Sweetie    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Villennel

Title: Pussy
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: sex, vulgar

Title: Bless 'Em All
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Women in My Life

Title: Bird of Light
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: No longer alone; note -- Romance refers to a Romance language.

Title: Monarch of My Heart
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: She reigns supreme

Title: imperfect soul
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: hmm

Title: Morountodun (Love Letter)
Author: Seyi Wright Jr.    Category: Love    Keywords: morountodun

Title: Bird of Light
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Once alone, now together

Title: Ride
Author: Lion    Category: Love    Keywords: Bareback

Title: Liberating Love
Author: jtd0304    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Loss

Title: waited to long
Author: JamBoldOne    Category: Love    Keywords: memories

Title: Love is like a rose
Author: Jdog28599    Category: Love    Keywords: Bleed

Title: Lust Song
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Lust

Title: Windblown Rose
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: rose, live, die

Title: Galaxy of Love
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, orbit

Title: Centerpiece
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Centerpiece, obsession

Title: Prayers
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Dead, dying, lover, rival, prayers

Title: The Best Part of Me is You
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Me, you

Title: Missing Fantasy
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Nature, fantasy, rib

Title: Bright Warm Fire
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Waiting

Title: Higher Ground
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Poetry, found, reality

Title: Sinful Pleasures
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Sunlight, darkness, love, suffer

Title: A Cause to Love
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Dream, reason

Title: Soul Forge
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, broken, new, survive, soul, reflects

Title: Hide and Seek
Author: Macabre    Category: Love    Keywords: Games, intentions, love, hurt

Title: Now Is Our Time
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Meant to be now

Title: Forbidden
Author: thePretender3    Category: Love    Keywords: marriage, no hope, forbidden love

Title: For Alex
Author: hbrewer333    Category: Love    Keywords: arise, fall, doubt, perfect, more

Title: The Game
Author: hbrewer333    Category: Love    Keywords: thrive, change, transform, pretend, die, love

Title: Again
Author: Steven Croat    Category: Love    Keywords: love, breaking...

Title: What if I told you
Author: SpeakBelieve153    Category: Love    Keywords: love, life, suicide, lies, broken, secrets, hope

Title: Self forced love
Author: bridget_g1    Category: Love    Keywords: There is no love that is unnatural

Title: Don't you disappear.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: disappear

Title: Think the same of me.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Think the same of me

Title: Nothing is more true.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Nothing is more true

Title: When you say we.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: when you say we

Title: Growing tired.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: growing tired

Title: Holding on to let go
Author: bridget_g1    Category: Love    Keywords: Expecting the impending loss of a love

Title: Tinted
Author: hbrewer333    Category: Love    Keywords: tinted you

Title: Dont worry about me
Author: bridget_g1    Category: Love    Keywords: Dont think of my feelings when you leave

Title: Eclipse
Author: mirageesp    Category: Love    Keywords: moon, love, stars, sun, fools, dreams

Title: A Changed Nerve Hoer Prize Zen,
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: Zen, Nerve, Hendrix, Dylan, God

Title: Lady-Parlor knows!
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: Lies, True love, kindness.

Title: The Only Way Out
Author: Orion    Category: Love    Keywords: .

Title: larry loves lauren
Author: Orion    Category: Love    Keywords: .

Title: Take The Lead
Author: T.M.L.    Category: Love    Keywords: Take The Lead

Title: Prince Charming
Author: hbrewer333    Category: Love    Keywords: prince charming

Title: A Gift
Author: Shadowed Pen    Category: Love    Keywords: Hope

Title: Deep
Author: Shadowed Pen    Category: Love    Keywords: understanding

Title: fritz and harry
Author: hawksy    Category: Love    Keywords: equality

Title: Loving In Return
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Is It Me?
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Falling Tear
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Don't Walk Away
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: First Date
Author: VentureToAdventure    Category: Love    Keywords: Dating

Title: one stop bus
Author: yerdusk    Category: Love    Keywords: bus

Title: Happy
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Never Will He
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Out of Exile
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Rejoice in our love

Title: Rosangelica: An Odyssey of Hers.
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: Love. Poem. Sex.

Title: Falling Endless Always
Author: hbrewer333    Category: Love    Keywords: Falling Endless Always

Title: Return ticket
Author: Jcee Goodlife    Category: Love    Keywords: love, relationships, romance

Title: Don't Forget About Me
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Love    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Wrapped Up
Author: TheLioness    Category: Love    Keywords: clingy, suffocation, infatuation

Title: The Girl is out with me
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: Stalk, Love, Irony, Glory

Title: Love is Pain
Author: prophetword    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Pain, Passion, Loss

Title: Yarn heat so- Heart!
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: I Love Her

Title: Orb-Glory Manifesto
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: Love.

Title: Why?
Author: autumnrose22    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: Autumns Pass
Author: MJR    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Past, Longing

Title: Drown
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: betrayal

Title: Treason
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: betrayal

Title: K
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: my women will leave me
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: voice
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: casualty
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: vicious
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: bones
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: betrayal

Title: kneel down
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: betrayal

Title: ghost
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: waiting
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: weight
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: loss

Title: wormwork
Author: mdb76    Category: Love    Keywords: life

Title: Certainties
Author: katybliss    Category: Love    Keywords: love,adolescence,teen,cute,sweet,crush,infatuation

Title: Please Don't Go.
Author: katybliss    Category: Love    Keywords: love,friend,sad,loss,grief,bittersweet,heartbreak,mourning,death,goodbye,farewell,heaven,memory

Author: babyfresh720    Category: Love    Keywords: sweet words

Title: Mercury
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: Mercury

Title: Hallucination
Author: girlzdiariez    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Fairytales, Reality

Title: A Dream to be Forgottten
Author: girlzdiariez    Category: Love    Keywords: love, friendship

Title: Honey
Author: Ale    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Wanting

Title: Siren of sight
Author: yerdusk    Category: Love    Keywords: Vow

Title: Right now.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: right now cry mind live without you

Title: Visions of Krishna
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: don

Title: Flowers Of April
Author: Vhanfire    Category: Love    Keywords: April name

Title: I'm Loving that Girl
Author: Vhanfire    Category: Love    Keywords: love that girl

Title: Quench of Manchester'
Author: amv79    Category: Love    Keywords: Passion, Regret, Vengeance.

Title: You
Author: Texasgirl    Category: Love    Keywords: You

Title: Fragile
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Love    Keywords: trust, heart, breaking

Title: A Stormy Night
Author: reckless.redemption    Category: Love    Keywords: disappointment, lovesickness, loneliness

Title: Some Words Of Affection
Author: reckless.redemption    Category: Love    Keywords: Relationships, Good, Perfection

Title: This moment
Author: Texasgirl    Category: Love    Keywords: Moment

Title: Untitled
Author: margoexposed    Category: Love    Keywords: losing love, mistrust, heartache

Title: Petty
Author: margoexposed    Category: Love    Keywords: hurt, moving on

Title: Love or Lust
Author: Linda_Luther    Category: Love    Keywords: love, lust

Title: Waiting for you fall (shooting star)
Author: Vhanfire    Category: Love    Keywords: this is a response to a poem sent to me

Title: This Poem is for You
Author: Vhanfire    Category: Love    Keywords: VHANFIRE

Title: Untitled
Author: reckless.redemption    Category: Love    Keywords: Doubts

Title: Love is non-existent.
Author: Jazzxoxo    Category: Love    Keywords: Fake, Lie, Love, Heartbreak,

Title: Say it
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Lovesick love broken love lost

Title: Cyanide
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Love    Keywords: fasdhah

Title: Every Thought
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Love    Keywords: skjgtlsdhglai;e

Title: Pagbabalik II
Author: Vhanfire    Category: Love    Keywords: vhanfire

Title: Caressing Touch
Author: shoutoutloud    Category: Love    Keywords: caress, love, touch, forever, kiss, hope, dream, heart, joy, warmth, freedom, lover, friend, success, give, free, hope, prayer, pray, health, speachless

Title: You and me, what are we?
Author: Geremij    Category: Love    Keywords: love, wish, desire, lust, mystery

Title: We Are
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, against odds, together, amazing

Title: When We Met
Author: Geremij    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Wish, Lust, meet

Title: Reality
Author: Amber Rose    Category: Love    Keywords: love, anger, mistake

Title: Trapped in a Bottle
Author: Icarballo    Category: Love    Keywords: Lost

Title: you
Author: Shravankaul    Category: Love    Keywords: love,girl,girlfriend,you

Title: Sunsets with You
Author: Kennie Clawson    Category: Love    Keywords: Sunsets

Title: Experience Counts
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: Love at an Advanced Age

Title: Someday
Author: make0794    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: What could have been
Author: make0794    Category: Love    Keywords: Live life with no regrets

Title: Love
Author: rbarbie94    Category: Love    Keywords: free verse, life, hurt, strength, relationships

Title: Lovin' That Walk
Author: markov44    Category: Love    Keywords: I love to watch

Title: This Ring.
Author: supineplath    Category: Love    Keywords: This Ring, Love, Broken, wed, ruined, everything, contemplated, settle, hopeless

Author: Vhanfire    Category: Love    Keywords: break up, vhanfire

Title: Summer
Author: Annenonymous    Category: Love    Keywords: Summer, Love,

Title: The end
Author: little-known    Category: Love    Keywords: all things end eventually

Title: how does it feel
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love woman reason feel

Title: The Princess Sleeps
Author: skippy    Category: Love    Keywords: princess love kiss

Title: Sweet dreams
Author: carmen1409    Category: Love    Keywords: Memories heartache love dreaming wandering

Title: Perfect imperfections
Author: carmen1409    Category: Love    Keywords: Unconditional love natural beauty beautiful perfect imperfection

Title: Circling
Author: carmen1409    Category: Love    Keywords: Second chances love healed heart

Title: My New Love
Author: tyree0509    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: good disease
Author: vibrantmind    Category: Love    Keywords: fragile love

Title: Trust
Author: Brayden_Cargill    Category: Love    Keywords: Deep, meaningful, love

Title: When all I think; Is him
Author: Leahtess    Category: Love    Keywords: love, longing, thoughts,

Title: love relation
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: man wife

Title: love lingers
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: a light of love
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: lights

Title: Lady on Fire
Author: arcrod21    Category: Love    Keywords: Lady, Fire, Cheat,

Title: Dancing in the Dark
Author: arcrod21    Category: Love    Keywords: Dark, Dancing. Alone, Shy

Title: Friendly
Author: arcrod21    Category: Love    Keywords: Friendly, Love, Romance

Title: Queen of Hearts
Author: arcrod21    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, romance, relationship,

Title: our love
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love relation discover

Title: If I were A Soldier
Author: Nightingale Warrior    Category: Love    Keywords: soldier, love

Title: Letter to the Moon
Author: SunshineMary    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Unrequited Pain Sorrow

Title: Ode to Clair De Lune
Author: SunshineMary    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Pain

Title: The Meeting Place.
Author: Saffron6    Category: Love    Keywords: Love and loss.

Title: My Soul
Author: stojadinoz1    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Regret, Hope

Title: Heaven Sent
Author: little-known    Category: Love    Keywords: young love

Title: I love you enough
Author: little-known    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Author: BenNicole    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Author: BenNicole    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: take it easy
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: pain broken heart

Title: The Doll for Display
Author: Dollface    Category: Love    Keywords: doll, marionette, love story, sad, gothic,

Title: waiting for the one
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: waiting lucky

Title: The Reflection on Autumn
Author: Icarballo    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Pain, Memories, Apart, Reflection, Autumn.

Title: mend me
Author: vibrantmind    Category: Love    Keywords: mend broken afraid flaws beauty love pain struggle emotions

Title: Just A Second
Author: Ruby*-*    Category: Love    Keywords: Mine

Title: Autumn Leaves
Author: SjaakM    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, autumn, leaves

Title: Goodbye
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: Letting Go

Title: Love is a Gamble and im in debt with you
Author: Hal3yb3ll77    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: I Gaze
Author: ThyEternalSummer    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Longing

Title: Wilt Not, My Flower
Author: ThyEternalSummer    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: Nature's Deceit
Author: ThyEternalSummer    Category: Love    Keywords: Nature, Love

Title: presence of love
Author: pavithra palani    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: Spellbound
Author: OTownPete    Category: Love    Keywords: Under her spell

Title: Miss, who & my self
Author: yerdusk    Category: Love    Keywords: miss

Title: More Than Words
Author: ThyEternalSummer    Category: Love    Keywords: True Love, Beauty

Title: Be Mine _______?
Author: Steezy    Category: Love    Keywords: Traits, Her, Sadness, Sorrow, Fill|The|Blank

Title: Star of Unfurling Creations
Author: Carolyn Mary Kleefeld    Category: Love    Keywords: love, creation, transformation, radiance, discovery, light, heart

Title: HIM
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Love    Keywords: love, heartbreak, choices, decisions

Title: where do feelings go?
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: feelings beauty universe

Title: Goodbye today, Hello Subconcious.
Author: Steezy    Category: Love    Keywords: Love,Her,Dream

Title: He Loves Me Not
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Love    Keywords: Heartbreak, love, desperation

Title: You See, I'm Broken
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, heartbreak, hurt

Title: I Can't Breathe
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, thoughts, desire

Title: Waiting For Perigee
Author: Pristine Reflection    Category: Love    Keywords: moon,love,anxiety,wait,

Title: hiding my heart away
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: heart love beauty

Title: What She Thinks
Author: poembeast115    Category: Love    Keywords: something

Title: Beyond my reach.
Author: Shady    Category: Love    Keywords: UN-noticed, loved, Longing, Wanting

Title: Speechless Beauty
Author: ThyEternalSummer    Category: Love    Keywords: Beauty

Title: Grace
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, grace, joy

Title: Mercy
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Love    Keywords: Mercy love joy god faith Jesus life

Title: a love story
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: words heart mystery

Title: Lovers
Author: jstordy    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, romance, beauty, neruda, keats

Title: notitle
Author: lisah    Category: Love    Keywords: Blue blue

Title: my immortal love syndrome
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: heart page home starlit

Title: Shot at Love
Author: girlzdiariez    Category: Love    Keywords: love, ready, happy

Title: Happiness?
Author: Colebunny55    Category: Love    Keywords: My Original, Confusion, Happy

Title: A Simple Love Piece
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Love    Keywords: love,body,beautiful,pain,tears,you

Title: manufactured love
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Love    Keywords: manufactured love, alone, used, attached

Title: Restraint
Author: Wrangwar    Category: Love    Keywords: Fuck

Title: Achilles heal
Author: Rubyroo    Category: Love    Keywords: Young love

Title: Ode to someone
Author: Rubyroo    Category: Love    Keywords: Friendship, love

Title: All about Steve...(and Mary)
Author: Rubyroo    Category: Love    Keywords: Relationships, differences

Title: yours and mine
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: yours mine times

Title: Who's Been Loving You?
Author: Robin Weary    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Smile, Denial

Title: Tear Drops
Author: Robin Weary    Category: Love    Keywords: Sad, Tears, Sincere

Title: Mirrored Heart
Author: Robin Weary    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Life, Goodbye, Pride, Broke

Title: Somewhere
Author: Robin Weary    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Cold, December, Lose, Feelings, Lost

Title: close to my heart
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: twilight east sweet

Title: share
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: share angel fragile

Title: The Person I Yearned For
Author: eunice_cleofas    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: the light of beauty
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: light beauty true wings

Title: there and back
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: dark

Title: Psychotic
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: stalker shit

Title: Thinking of You
Author: poembeast115    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: Your beauty glowing like a full moon
Author: sabamughal    Category: Love    Keywords: Love

Title: a script for making love
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love kisses beauty

Title: your kiss
Author: primedecadence    Category: Love    Keywords: kiss

Title: when a deaf lady cries
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: deaf lady dreams silence

Title: I Want A Lot Of Things
Author: emoody97    Category: Love    Keywords: love heartbreak free verse

Title: The Boy Down The Road
Author: emoody97    Category: Love    Keywords: love heartbreak free verse

Title: my enchanting place
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: sweet circles pictures smiles

Title: Dedication
Author: skepta7    Category: Love    Keywords: dedication, love, relationship

Title: Love is caring
Author: skepta7    Category: Love    Keywords: love, caring, kind, true

Title: lady of the lake
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love lady passion

Title: I'd Tell You If I Could
Author: Sylar796    Category: Love    Keywords: irony, love, loneliness, beauty

Title: Even on a quiet sunday afternoon
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: quiet heart you

Title: Butterflies
Author: Kadien_    Category: Love    Keywords: love, butterflies, him, butterfly, He, he, teenager, teen, transgender, ftm

Title: Too Long
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: long heart lucky

Title: I want to know you better
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: face lips mine task

Title: all that ever was
Author: halley-Layne    Category: Love    Keywords: love god beauty

Title: tale of a frozen kiss
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: kiss frozen love happy

Title: where angels fall
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: angels kissing shy serenity

Title: superman
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Need, Superman, Kryptonite

Title: jigsaw
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Love    Keywords: jigsaw, love, monstrous

Title: muse
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Love    Keywords: Muse, Poetry

Title: alchemy
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Love    Keywords: transmuted, transmute, alchemy, gold, base, metal

Title: Shine
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Love    Keywords: shine, smile

Title: she is a lady
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: lady beauty impress silence

Title: Day
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Love    Keywords: Weary, smile, happy

Title: love is only half way
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love emotion beauty imperfect

Title: high
Author: jmang33    Category: Love    Keywords: fun

Title: in the dark of a silent night
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love desire silent

Title: everywhere
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love close moments

Title: journey to desire
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: desire journey love sky

Title: faster and faster
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: dreams love faster soul

Title: Empty lines
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: empty romance head

Title: the legacy of a memory
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: live lace memory

Title: broken
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: broken past burning tale

Title: dressed in the colors of love
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: colors love emotion understand

Title: a face called home
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: home paasion melody

Title: Tired of dreaming
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: tired dreaming colors special world

Title: The Only One
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: burn desire star love dawn

Title: Deflected for quite some time
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: perfumed promising eyes

Title: A Wounded Heart Blinded by Love.
Author: Dinma    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, loss,betrayal and forgiveness.

Title: I try as I might
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: kiss love proud mystery

Title: To dance love towards perfection
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love perfection destiny flower

Title: Look for the heart of the sunrise
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: sunrise heart pride pure

Title: Have you ever told her?
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: colors bright heart perfect

Title: A Dream Of Love.
Author: Davemick103    Category: Love    Keywords: David P Carroll

Title: It is only love that I feel
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: dawn horizon love endless

Title: Dear Mistress
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: mistress linger angel fairytale

Title: The unmade bed
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: bed hand heart lover unknown

Title: Everyone's Mysterious Wife
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: painting fruits loving desire

Title: Passionate
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love passionate fairytale romance

Title: The melody of an almost broken heart
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: melody heart romance desire sun

Title: Eloquent love
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: dawn eloquent emotion today head

Title: She lived her life on a dating site
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love life eager fanatsy

Title: Lakeshore
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Love    Keywords: Desire, Waves, Breathes, Shoreline, Bodies

Title: The shadow of love has no name
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love shadow beauty name heart kiss

Title: More than
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love kiss beauty ring dear

Title: Casualities
Author: Zaza    Category: Love    Keywords: capture

Title: Fascination
Author: Zaza    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: Burn
Author: Zaza    Category: Love    Keywords: Flame

Title: A well written contradiction
Author: Zaza    Category: Love    Keywords: you

Title: Illumination
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Fire Illuminate

Title: What a mess an re-enconter can provide
Author: Zaza    Category: Love    Keywords: love

Title: Calling Of You
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Calling

Title: Melting
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Melt Love

Title: Love Slow
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Passion love slow

Title: Bridge To Your Heart
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Build Love Bridge

Title: Reaching Out
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Reaching out

Title: LoveStar
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Star Love

Title: Don't You Know
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Rest Longing

Title: Near
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Passion Love

Title: Help
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Help

Title: Exclusive
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Exclusive

Title: Wherever You Go
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Heart

Title: Best Love
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Heart

Title: Sprinkled
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Love Sprinkled

Title: If Only
Author: oliverrashonda    Category: Love    Keywords: Only Hold

Title: You Don't Like Poems
Author: Robin.rainbird    Category: Love    Keywords: Art, poetry, angst

Title: Your Swimmingpool
Author: mahnoo    Category: Love    Keywords: Love, Sadness, One-sided Love

Title: Love is ...........
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love kiss face always beauty

Title: I know, you know
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: know time you emotional mind love

Title: Make the most of this
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Love    Keywords: love most kiss warm charm