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(237) results for "Pain"

Title: Left Behind
Author: fostercare    Category: Pain    Keywords: the past

Title: Pain is Pain
Author: poembeast115    Category: Pain    Keywords: emotions

Title: The End
Author: jrh187    Category: Pain    Keywords: self

Title: a million hands
Author: grunge    Category: Pain    Keywords: a million hands

Title: The Only One
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain, heartbreak

Title: hunger
Author: grunge    Category: Pain    Keywords: hunger, poem

Title: Your Creation
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Pain    Keywords: d

Title: He says she loved me
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Pain    Keywords: love, pain, hurt, loss

Title: Her Silent Tears
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain

Title: An Angel Fell
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain, loss

Title: Untitled
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sad

Title: Black Rose
Author: scallie1    Category: Pain    Keywords: Rose

Title: the man inside the mirror
Author: grunge    Category: Pain    Keywords: mirror

Title: Reality
Author: Yaxara    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain and suffering

Title: John Do
Author: Ehrlinger    Category: Pain    Keywords: John

Title: "The Lesson"
Author: Blackdog Rising    Category: Pain    Keywords: violence, domestic

Title: Logan
Author: E_Alan_Poem    Category: Pain    Keywords: Some scars heal...most dont

Author: Triz    Category: Pain    Keywords: addiction

Title: "Speed of Sludge"
Author: Triz    Category: Pain    Keywords: depression, pain

Title: "Trails of Tears" a tribute to my people
Author: Triz    Category: Pain    Keywords: suffering

Title: whats inside
Author: tears of lust    Category: Pain    Keywords: thank you for all those who commented it means alot! :)

Title: Lone Wolf
Author: Quill_Ink    Category: Pain    Keywords: Loner, society, Depressed, Despair, friends, pride

Title: Rosenrot
Author: D4rkr4v3n    Category: Pain    Keywords: Suicide, Soul, Death, Cutting, Ghost

Title: Numb
Author: D4rkr4v3n    Category: Pain    Keywords: Ocean, Death, Suicide, Sorrow, Depression, Serenity

Title: Bleeding Bullet
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Pain    Keywords: Bleeding, Bullet, Pain

Title: Centerpiece
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Pain    Keywords: Centerpiece, Obsession, Melting

Title: The Morning Star
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Pain    Keywords: Cinder, Ashes

Title: Emptiness no man can fill
Author: Yaxara    Category: Pain    Keywords: emptiness

Title: Untitled.. Life is.
Author: Seerat    Category: Pain    Keywords: regret, remorse, repentance, changes

Title: Tears
Author: creator    Category: Pain    Keywords: feelings of all the broken hearts

Title: Shadows
Author: samis76    Category: Pain    Keywords: reminising

Title: swallowed
Author: grunge    Category: Pain    Keywords: pills, poem, swallowed

Title: Did I?
Author: PinellaRose    Category: Pain    Keywords: did I

Title: Fear
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Fear, Anxiety, Paranoia, Severed Ties,

Title: Only god can judge me (goes to the beat)
Author: Nebraska    Category: Pain    Keywords: Dark help sad mad real rap god

Title: Strum
Author: piunik    Category: Pain    Keywords: armenian, genocide, bilingual, free verse

Title: The Greatest of Farewells
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Heart, Heartbeat, Songs, Liveliness, Death, Moving On, Growth,

Title: Insecurity
Author: Colebunny55    Category: Pain    Keywords: Courage, My original

Title: Watch Me Fall
Author: Colebunny55    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sadness, My original

Title: Gone Away
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Loneliness, Abandonment, Forlorn

Title: suicide
Author: piunik    Category: Pain    Keywords: death, friend, depression

Title: Wingman
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Betrayal, Forgotten, Alone

Title: My Little Sister
Author: Quill_Ink    Category: Pain    Keywords: Love, sister, Heart-broken, Playboy

Title: whatever
Author: ktracey    Category: Pain    Keywords: no more

Title: Untitled 1
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Death, Rebirth, Suffering, Reconstruction

Title: efewkgjrpoihripogjwegf. Is that what I sound to you?
Author: Colebunny55    Category: Pain    Keywords: Jerk, Pain, Leaving, My Original

Title: The Letting Go
Author: carolann319    Category: Pain    Keywords: LOSS

Title: Farewell to Dennis
Author: ctbrown66    Category: Pain    Keywords: Farewell grief

Title: Farewell to Dennis
Author: ctbrown66    Category: Pain    Keywords: farewell

Title: Sadness
Author: PinellaRose    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sadness

Title: Dark I
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Darkness, Evolution, Ignorance, Despair

Title: Dark II
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Darkness, Deprivation, Despair, Anxiety, Reflection

Title: im done guys
Author: ktracey    Category: Pain    Keywords: enough

Title: The Room of Strangled Exasperations
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Strangulation, Mutilation, Self-Destruction, Painful Thoughts, Blasphemy

Title: Human
Author: Heart and Soul    Category: Pain    Keywords: human

Title: Sliding Away
Author: Rybry    Category: Pain    Keywords: Dream

Title: Trapped
Author: danyelliebell    Category: Pain    Keywords: empty, broken, escape, brave, alone, final

Title: Fragile
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Pain    Keywords: Take A Guess.

Title: In Silence
Author: ntumolva    Category: Pain    Keywords: Silence, Heartbreak, Hope, Sadness

Title: Silence
Author: Heart and Soul    Category: Pain    Keywords: silence

Title: Shore
Author: Vesky    Category: Pain    Keywords: shore

Title: I'm Looking
Author: Kris_Barton    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain looking escape alone lonely cry sad

Title: Sick and Broken-hearted
Author: Shellzilla    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sad broken-hearted love

Title: Ask Me Why
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Pain    Keywords: sadness, pain,

Title: Forever lost
Author: Jane    Category: Pain    Keywords: Lost, love

Title: Depression
Author: Phillisizawesome    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain Depression Hurt

Title: The Sleep that Follows
Author: ntumolva    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sleep, Dreams, Life

Title: Goodbye
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Pain    Keywords: goodbye

Title: 3 Months on.
Author: beckyates    Category: Pain    Keywords: family love hope sadness pain dreams

Title: Rose of Pain
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Pain    Keywords: lost love

Title: Drowning
Author: HelpMeBackUp3    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sadness Girls relationships breakups

Title: Fading Leaves
Author: searchtofindasoul    Category: Pain    Keywords: dark, leaves, suicide, self harm,

Title: The Secret She'll Never Tell
Author: SierraRaven    Category: Pain    Keywords: secrets, hurt

Title: What to do
Author: lonesome dove    Category: Pain    Keywords: hurt feelings

Title: Empty
Author: alissprincess1304    Category: Pain    Keywords: sadness

Title: W
Author: qintarra    Category: Pain    Keywords: War

Title: Sunken.Rooftops.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain, Greed, Torture, Hate, Sad, Depression, Anger, Death, Murder, Blood

Title: .Writing.Is.The.Best.Medication.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sorrow, Pain, Confused, Angry, Suicide, Friends, Family

Title: .Lullaby.For.My.Blue.Water.Buffalo.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Pain    Keywords: Nightmare, Pain, Agony, Blood, Depression, Hate, Sin, Save, Selfish, Suicide

Title: .Drool.On.My.Pillows.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Pain    Keywords: Nightmare, Pain, Agony, Blood, Depression, Hate, Sin, Save, Selfish, Suicide

Title: Drake.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Pain    Keywords: Radiant, Love, Lost, Broke, Suicidal, Memories, relationship, pain, heart, bye, goodbye

Title: Moving On
Author: Jen    Category: Pain    Keywords: divorce

Title: A Losing Battle
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Pain    Keywords: Hurt, darkness, battle, struggle

Title: Battle Drums
Author: jessiegirll    Category: Pain    Keywords: war, killing, no forgiveness

Title: One Particular Day
Author: A Girl Unknown    Category: Pain    Keywords: Too many.

Title: Finished?
Author: Pmich14    Category: Pain    Keywords: Heart relationships love pain sadness missing finished break-up

Title: branches
Author: teardrops falling through my head    Category: Pain    Keywords: emptiness

Title: branches
Author: teardrops falling through my head    Category: Pain    Keywords: emptiness

Title: Live, laugh, love
Author: Pmich14    Category: Pain    Keywords: Live laugh love break tears shatter

Title: Lost
Author: LittleMissy    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sadness, Lost, Alone, Abandonned.

Title: Hiding Behind A Mask
Author: Colormyrainbow    Category: Pain    Keywords: fake smiles mask hiding reality pain hurt fear lost dark hope

Title: Here's To That Girl...
Author: Colormyrainbow    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain cutting self harm hell letting go strong weak lie suicide

Author: ShellySommers    Category: Pain    Keywords: serpent corpse virgin

Title: Why Destroy All of Us?
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Pain    Keywords: unhappiness, questions

Title: Gothic Waltz
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: love and drinking

Title: hey
Author: somethingintheway18    Category: Pain    Keywords: broken heart

Title: trap
Author: somethingintheway18    Category: Pain    Keywords: boredom

Title: Death
Author: Heart and Soul    Category: Pain    Keywords: dying

Title: Fighting's Bad for the Soul
Author: mbekks    Category: Pain    Keywords: fighting bad sould the a

Title: War
Author: mbekks    Category: Pain    Keywords: war pain death the a

Title: Soldiers
Author: mbekks    Category: Pain    Keywords: soldiers war pain the a

Title: Hands
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Pain    Keywords: Cutting, depression

Title: Eternity of Solitude
Author: AnKat    Category: Pain    Keywords: Lonely, Solitude, Sad, Pain, Depressing, Dark

Title: the shadow
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: jung

Title: She's Gone
Author: markov44    Category: Pain    Keywords: After the breakup

Title: :Happiness(
Author: alex4d1    Category: Pain    Keywords: life, sad, happy, happiness, pain, suffering, weird, punctuation

Title: End Of The World
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Pain    Keywords: death

Title: Nothing
Author: hanoldwriter    Category: Pain    Keywords: Little He Sees, Pain

Title: Dirty Mind, Lonely Heart
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: yep

Title: My fault
Author: JamBoldOne    Category: Pain    Keywords: painful nastalgia

Title: Comeback
Author: Pmich14    Category: Pain    Keywords: Eyes, body, ears, lips, hands, mind, heart, hurt, you

Title: liquid you
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: haha

Title: Story of my life.
Author: Pmich14    Category: Pain    Keywords: Deserve you everything love done

Title: Prison
Author: g-dogg    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain

Title: Flashback
Author: markov44    Category: Pain    Keywords: Casualties of war

Title: The Stranger Inside
Author: Macabre    Category: Pain    Keywords: Stranger, thing, person

Title: What do I hide
Author: Jdog28599    Category: Pain    Keywords: Love

Title: The dark
Author: Jdog28599    Category: Pain    Keywords: Dark

Title: Open to the Closed Voice
Author: SpeakBelieve153    Category: Pain    Keywords: sleep, death, cries, voice, world, sight

Title: Today's Regrets
Author: markov44    Category: Pain    Keywords: No second chances for her

Title: Scars and Echoes
Author: Macabre    Category: Pain    Keywords: Scars, cries, echoes, death, honor

Title: Story's Pages
Author: Macabre    Category: Pain    Keywords: Weakness, lonely, wound

Title: Bulling
Author: carolfraife    Category: Pain    Keywords: bulling, pain, tears,

Title: April 17 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: sleep

Title: April 16 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain feel dead

Title: April 8 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: not knowing

Title: April 1 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: leaving

Title: Santa Lucia Rd.
Author: amv79    Category: Pain    Keywords: Love, Hummiliated, Babe, Rings

Title: Letting evil in
Author: bridget_g1    Category: Pain    Keywords: Destroying of inocence

Title: A Missing Part
Author: poembeast115    Category: Pain    Keywords: anger

Title: A Million Sorrys
Author: poembeast115    Category: Pain    Keywords: Weird

Title: Defeat
Author: poembeast115    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain

Title: A Man's Death Wish
Author: poembeast115    Category: Pain    Keywords: weird

Title: Go on go
Author: bridget_g1    Category: Pain    Keywords: impending lost of love

Title: Go on go
Author: bridget_g1    Category: Pain    Keywords: impending lost of love

Title: May 4 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain

Title: the beginning of the end
Author: Yaxara    Category: Pain    Keywords: random

Title: May 18 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: graduation

Title: Suffocating
Author: ChristinaI    Category: Pain    Keywords: anxiety, depression, hopelessness

Title: Green eyes
Author: 2016coleyal    Category: Pain    Keywords: Green eyes

Title: Depression Hurts
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Pain    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: it's okay
Author: BraveryLeeds    Category: Pain    Keywords: self harm, selfharm, people, mean, cutting, burn, annoying, obnoxious, life

Title: No Ones Fault
Author: BraveryLeeds    Category: Pain    Keywords: suicide, pain, selfharm, self harm, school, life, people ,bullying, rude, help

Title: Freedom
Author: Jcee Goodlife    Category: Pain    Keywords: freedom, struggle

Title: night breaks
Author: Jcee Goodlife    Category: Pain    Keywords: abuse, revenge

Title: Tiny Heart
Author: Nirtha    Category: Pain    Keywords: heart

Title: darkness
Author: pologirl9    Category: Pain    Keywords: suicide

Title: Gone
Author: pologirl9    Category: Pain    Keywords: Suicide, death, die

Title: Suffering
Author: pologirl9    Category: Pain    Keywords: Suffer

Title: The Beat
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, gain, heart beat

Title: With only black and grey
Author: new2poetry96    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, suicide, love, hurt, sad, depressed, depression,

Title: Far
Author: katybliss    Category: Pain    Keywords: loss,grief,death,mourning,sad,bittersweet,love,heaven,mommom

Title: Mother
Author: katybliss    Category: Pain    Keywords: anger,angst,family,mom,mother,daughter,bitter,pain

Title: Song to Dad
Author: katybliss    Category: Pain    Keywords: divorce,adultery,infidelity,daughter,father,pain,hurt,anger,betrayal,deceit,lie,heartbreak,bitter

Title: Free
Author: LovelyScars    Category: Pain    Keywords: Suicide

Title: Sick love
Author: LovelyScars    Category: Pain    Keywords: Suicide

Title: Wish It Come Again
Author: deeja    Category: Pain    Keywords: loneliness

Title: Shattered on the floor
Author: Dans baby    Category: Pain    Keywords: Hurt

Title: I didn't beg
Author: Dans baby    Category: Pain    Keywords: Hurt

Title: Time Out To Cry ©
Author: Shannen Wrass    Category: Pain    Keywords: Shannen Wrass, poetry

Title: organ
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: been a minute

Title: speechless beauty
Author: beautifulrage22    Category: Pain    Keywords: kiss death pain beauty love

Title: brave warrior
Author: beautifulrage22    Category: Pain    Keywords: brave, cancer, fighter, love, family.

Title: Broken Angel Part 1
Author: Dan G    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain,hear break,broken

Title: The Prisoner
Author: ILikeCracalackers    Category: Pain    Keywords: Lies

Title: The shackles of pain
Author: synteri    Category: Pain    Keywords: Prolong suffering and freedom

Title: Pain Became My Friend Today ©
Author: Shannen Wrass    Category: Pain    Keywords: Shannen Wrass, Pain became my friend today

Title: That lil Girl
Author: Pisces2BeLuvd    Category: Pain    Keywords: A Lil Girl

Title: Theater
Author: reckless.redemption    Category: Pain    Keywords: Jeaslousy

Title: Untitled
Author: Texasgirl    Category: Pain    Keywords: Emptiness

Title: Dark hope
Author: synteri    Category: Pain    Keywords: Misery,pain,sorrow,strain

Title: Writing Fade
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: waste

Title: You
Author: jennylo201    Category: Pain    Keywords: loss

Title: A shadow figure
Author: make0794    Category: Pain    Keywords: Understanding's the hardest part

Title: Tattooed
Author: rbarbie94    Category: Pain    Keywords: insecurities, free verse, random thoughts, feelings, life

Title: My Demons
Author: rbarbie94    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sometimes life just get's overwhelming and then this happens:

Title: Pain of liven
Author: Pinero3010    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain of liven

Title: ghost in this house
Author: little-known    Category: Pain    Keywords: missing something

Title: 4 AM.
Author: littlewordsmith    Category: Pain    Keywords: I couldn't sleep because I missed him so much.

Title: August 12 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, broken, fall, lock, heart

Title: Why?
Author: KalahMcVay    Category: Pain    Keywords: Perfect, alone, help, mistake

Title: Mornic Ox
Author: wonderfulblue    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sad

Title: Fallen Life
Author: shootingstar    Category: Pain    Keywords: life death rose fallen miss falling

Title: its over, im done
Author: mrsA    Category: Pain    Keywords: lostlove, pain, depression

Title: Haze
Author: DustySunlight    Category: Pain    Keywords: lungs air life lose nature pain oxygen space earth death

Title: Show me no mercy
Author: nml    Category: Pain    Keywords: Fight; Darkness; Pain; Freedom; Lost; Anger;

Title: You were kind
Author: nml    Category: Pain    Keywords: Death; Pain; Goodbye; Lost

Title: Welcome To My World
Author: Shannen Wrass    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, sad, depression

Title: Dying Angel
Author: Dollface    Category: Pain    Keywords: Angel, death, dark

Title: Mommy Wake Up
Author: poetry.share    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, death, drugs, kids, children, loss, health

Title: Shallow Smiles
Author: cdrodgers90    Category: Pain    Keywords: cut

Title: lost
Author: lost mind    Category: Pain    Keywords: void

Title: Burn Away
Author: Rapiéçage    Category: Pain    Keywords: Void, Emptiness, Ending, Loneliness

Title: My Heart Has Set
Author: ThyEternalSummer    Category: Pain    Keywords: Love, Loss

Title: Fall to Rise
Author: Umbra Imago    Category: Pain    Keywords: Weakness Never give up

Title: The Universe Within Me
Author: Chaselyn    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain, Darkest Moments, Universe, Overwhelming, Coping, Falling Apart

Title: "I'm fine"
Author: Tcsfan    Category: Pain    Keywords: Depression, self harm

Title: Bullying victim
Author: Tcsfan    Category: Pain    Keywords: Bullying victim, bullying, depression

Title: Suicide
Author: Tcsfan    Category: Pain    Keywords: Suicide, self harm, depression, cutting

Title: I haven't titled it yet
Author: Tcsfan    Category: Pain    Keywords: Depression, self harm, cutting,

Title: Misfortune
Author: Nightingale Warrior    Category: Pain    Keywords: sadness, sorrow

Title: On the Verge
Author: technovative    Category: Pain    Keywords: Sadness

Title: You're like the things in the store
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Pain    Keywords: price, eyes, sweet

Title: Judgement
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Pain    Keywords: distant, judge, alone, hurt

Title: The Broken
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Pain    Keywords: broken broken shards pierce flesh broken shards heart fault fault fault fault.... fault fault broken shards heart cause?

Title: Sports
Author: jmang33    Category: Pain    Keywords: sports

Title: Crushed love
Author: Samuel Cherechi    Category: Pain    Keywords: Crush, pain, courage

Title: Suicide
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Pain    Keywords: abuse, hurt, silence

Title: Just Breathe
Author: Robin Weary    Category: Pain    Keywords: Breath, Dead, Sunset, Sunrise, Sorrow, Tomorrow

Title: Nobody
Author: Darkevin    Category: Pain    Keywords: loneliness

Title: The Final Prayer
Author: Darkevin    Category: Pain    Keywords: ite X 16

Title: Will she Jump
Author: Kenz14    Category: Pain    Keywords: will she jump

Title: Will she Jump
Author: Kenz14    Category: Pain    Keywords: will she jump

Title: hell
Author: darkheart14    Category: Pain    Keywords: hell

Title: gone
Author: darkheart14    Category: Pain    Keywords: gone

Title: I had a soul
Author: Smile More    Category: Pain    Keywords: Love,soul,deceived,pain

Title: Goodbye Friend
Author: Smile More    Category: Pain    Keywords: Abondended,hurt,abuse,pain

Title: Questions within.
Author: aaliyahnavejas    Category: Pain    Keywords: energy, dependency, wasted.

Title: Echo
Author: Owleyesproductions    Category: Pain    Keywords: Hurt mask society individualism

Title: Present
Author: skepta7    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, death, sadness

Title: Lost Hope
Author: Luce_angelina    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain, Lost, Scars

Title: Bright Depth
Author: MysticMac420    Category: Pain    Keywords: Bright depth

Title: Damsel in Distress
Author: Verbal Junkie    Category: Pain    Keywords: Heartbreak

Title: Why indeed
Author: Sarahlives    Category: Pain    Keywords: Love gone wrong

Title: Pray for the Broken
Author: HylianLoftwing    Category: Pain    Keywords: Broken Hearts

Title: Shatter
Author: HylianLoftwing    Category: Pain    Keywords: Broken hearted

Title: Pain
Author: Iamme    Category: Pain    Keywords: Pain, heartache

Title: Jenga
Author: whatisthis    Category: Pain    Keywords: heart, lies

Title: Foolish Girl
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Pain    Keywords: Fool, Ideals, Fragile, Crumble, Disappointment

Title: Through the Window
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Pain    Keywords: Rainy day, lonely, sad, cold

Title: Blind Awareness
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Pain    Keywords: Self Denial, Emptiness, Isolation, Silent Grief, Secret, Emotions

Title: March 2000
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Pain    Keywords: Grief, Tears, Suffocating Emotions

Title: The shadow of a shining star
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Pain    Keywords: tear jewish bitter silence shadow

Title: Sorrow blues
Author: Abhamińa    Category: Pain    Keywords: tarnished, clenched, wretched.

Title: Comes in a package
Author: Rabbi    Category: Pain    Keywords: Relationship between the elements that make up a romantic relationship

Title: Agony
Author: dyingspirit    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, agony, soul, death, suicidal

Title: Hopelessness
Author: dyingspirit    Category: Pain    Keywords: pain, agony, soul, death, suicidal