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(167) results for "Personal"

Title: Footpath Taken
Author: fostercare    Category: Personal    Keywords: past, experiences, moving on

Title: Lifeline
Author: fostercare    Category: Personal    Keywords: life

Title: Me
Author: fostercare    Category: Personal    Keywords: brother, father, son, partner

Title: The Flame Keeps Burning
Author: poembeast115    Category: Personal    Keywords: purpose

Title: Love can hurt
Author: poembeast115    Category: Personal    Keywords: love

Title: Betimes
Author: Roy    Category: Personal    Keywords: memory, guilt, conscience, life

Title: The Mist of Delusion
Author: Roy    Category: Personal    Keywords: me, I, self

Title: My Loss
Author: jrh187    Category: Personal    Keywords: self

Title: Hollow
Author: jrh187    Category: Personal    Keywords: hurt

Title: no one can help
Author: bleedingpoetry    Category: Personal    Keywords: depression,pain,no one,help,suicidal,goodbye,

Title: Scared to Fail
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Personal    Keywords: Expectations

Title: Untitled
Author: Rextremens    Category: Personal    Keywords: Untitled

Title: Walls
Author: Glor    Category: Personal    Keywords: Learning

Title: Every Day
Author: paulapuddephatt    Category: Personal    Keywords: pain, emotional, words, personal, sorrow, regret, compassion, love, loss

Title: Old Patterns
Author: D4rkr4v3n    Category: Personal    Keywords: Despair

Title: Ice Heart
Author: D4rkr4v3n    Category: Personal    Keywords: Sorrow, Curse, Gift, Broken

Title: Untitled
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: You, Me

Title: Mother Dearest
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: Snake, Two-Faced, Hell, Poison,

Title: Work
Author: Qooley20    Category: Personal    Keywords: work

Title: History of My Face
Author: sarahweldon    Category: Personal    Keywords: Persona

Title: Untitled A
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: Moments, Time, Fate, Darkness

Title: Secrets Revealed
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: Sins, Secrets

Title: Story's Pages
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: Weakness, Lonely, Wound

Title: Dark Ages
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: Destiny, Story, Dark Ages

Title: Dark Labyrinth
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Personal    Keywords: Dark, Labyrinth, Ring Master, Clowns, Tears, Devils, Mind, Body

Title: The Caregiver
Author: JJx2    Category: Personal    Keywords: caregiver

Title: A Bizarre Punctuation
Author: karaispurple    Category: Personal    Keywords: a bizarre punctuation, love, heart, imagination, relationship, breakup, ache, punctuation, moving forward,

Title: Don't Say It, Please.
Author: karaispurple    Category: Personal    Keywords: Sorry, lipstick, love, heartbreak, understanding, lies

Title: It Was the Darkness After All
Author: Captain06    Category: Personal    Keywords: darkness, tears, flower

Title: perfect
Author: piunik    Category: Personal    Keywords: reflective

Title: goodbye
Author: tt4kat89    Category: Personal    Keywords: goodbye , sadness

Title: A Past, Torn
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Personal    Keywords: Past, Reflection, Scorn, Rising, Betterment, Change

Title: death
Author: piunik    Category: Personal    Keywords: armenian, genocide, story, of, my, family, remember, always, remember

Title: setting sail
Author: ktracey    Category: Personal    Keywords: dreams

Title: what do you see
Author: ktracey    Category: Personal    Keywords: evil, storm

Title: Oh the monotony.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: monotony

Title: Dragging.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: dragging

Title: Render.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: render

Title: Therapeutic harmony.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: harmony

Title: Path to Nowhere.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: infatuation

Title: Keep this.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: Keep this.

Title: complex
Author: ktracey    Category: Personal    Keywords: love, curse

Title: the inner me
Author: ktracey    Category: Personal    Keywords: cry, anger

Title: Can't tell.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: crazy suspicions

Title: The Crow
Author: JustUhNotherSoul    Category: Personal    Keywords: Free interpretation, dependence

Title: Think before you drink
Author: hugheson    Category: Personal    Keywords: stop to think before making wrong decisions

Title: How Mr. Stone Lost His Perfect
Author: wonderlandwakeup    Category: Personal    Keywords: Smile, Eyes, Death, Die

Title: ..
Author: ashyakv    Category: Personal    Keywords: .

Title: .
Author: ashyakv    Category: Personal    Keywords: .

Title: Need VS. Want
Author: poembeast115    Category: Personal    Keywords: natural

Title: Innocence? What Innocence ?
Author: louieanne15    Category: Personal    Keywords: life, innocence, children, love, dreams, broken

Title: Love unrequited
Author: Jane    Category: Personal    Keywords: Love, pain, lonely, darkness

Title: Reflection
Author: Vesky    Category: Personal    Keywords: Reflection

Title: The Perks of Being a Wallflower Parody
Author: Shellzilla    Category: Personal    Keywords: Perks of being a wallflower parody parents happiness love

Title: Anxiety Attack
Author: Phillisizawesome    Category: Personal    Keywords: Anxiety

Title: I Try
Author: Phillisizawesome    Category: Personal    Keywords: Guilt

Title: Heartbeat
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Personal    Keywords: friendship, love, heartbeat, death, angles, life

Title: Carefree
Author: veeedough    Category: Personal    Keywords: life, burdens

Title: How Did I Let This Happen?
Author: SierraRaven    Category: Personal    Keywords: ,

Title: .Forget.What.We.Had.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Personal    Keywords: Break up, goodbye, lost, pain, sadness, depression

Title: Who Am I?
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Personal    Keywords: Wonder

Title: If.Only.We.Were.Carebears.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Personal    Keywords: Lies, Trusted, Gone, Dead, Away, Ignorance

Title: The Star.
Author: JozzyC    Category: Personal    Keywords: Love, Romance, Beautiful, Life, Mystery, Pain, Night, Stars, Light

Title: What I Know
Author: paigezubel    Category: Personal    Keywords: knowledge, heart, rainbow, money

Title: one would feel
Author: liyanza    Category: Personal    Keywords: sadness

Title: heartbreaks
Author: liyanza    Category: Personal    Keywords: not precious

Title: Serenade
Author: liyanza    Category: Personal    Keywords: happy

Title: ancient demons
Author: jmang33    Category: Personal    Keywords: moving forward

Title: To Be Nice
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Personal    Keywords: being nice

Title: Psycho Borderline Blonde
Author: jmang33    Category: Personal    Keywords: more of a song i've been writing to put to music

Title: Goodbye
Author: Pmich14    Category: Personal    Keywords: Done over thinking change her

Title: Becoming Who?
Author: knowingnostalgia    Category: Personal    Keywords: pensive

Title: age one
Author: JamBoldOne    Category: Personal    Keywords: Betrayl

Title: I hate this wait.
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: wanting, selfish

Title: Chapstick
Author: supineplath    Category: Personal    Keywords: Lingers

Title: ..
Author: ashyakv    Category: Personal    Keywords: no

Title: Taking back my power
Author: inthedeep    Category: Personal    Keywords: Pain, power, hope, rape, abuse, strength

Title: Dark Inheritance
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Death, living, person

Title: Dark Entries
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Mysterious, demented, work

Title: Halloween Mask
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Crazy, playacting, mask

Title: Night Life
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Night, Time, Hours Silence

Title: Silent Remains
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Victims, dying, accusations, convictions, silent

Title: Lost in the Stereo
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Pain

Title: Life's Story
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Death, demons, victim

Title: Living Funeral
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Dying, death, funeral, cold, unfeeling

Title: Looks, Words, Silence
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Looks, words, silence

Title: Nameless Spy
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: You, me

Title: New
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: New

Title: Speaking to Shadow
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Shadows, friends, haunt

Title: Motions in Music
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Music, alone, fades

Title: Dancing in Shadows
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Man, moon, magic, shadows, dancing, letting go

Title: Halloween Mask
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Crazy, hurt

Title: Sacrifice
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Blood, life, death, hero villain

Title: Wild Insights
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Secrets, stories, sanity

Title: The Nightmare
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Me

Title: Piece of Art
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Life, me, art

Title: My Darkness
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Darkness, friend, blood

Title: Shadow Lands
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Darkness, death, live, die

Title: Revealing Truths
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Thoughts, truths, reveal

Title: Sleep of Death
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Sleep, death, horrors

Title: Life's Decline
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Past, words, life, dark

Title: To Escape Time
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Death, time, escape

Title: Existence
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Light, darkness

Title: Masterpiece
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Memories, past, dreams

Title: To Die Again
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Death, life

Title: My Design of Life and Death
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Death, live, life, grave

Title: New Creature
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Tears, blood, life

Title: Untitled
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Broken

Title: Dear Sympathy
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Tears, heart, music

Title: My Canvas
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Thoughts, mind, paper, pen, ink

Title: Dark Ages
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Destiny, story, dark ages

Title: Dark Lybyrinth
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Dark, Labyrinth, Ring Master, Clowns, Tears, Devils, Mind, Body

Title: Grace and Glory
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Bleed, grace, glory, lies

Title: Role-Play
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Character, puppet, prisoner, sleepwalker

Title: Mask of a Nightmare
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Memories, past, nightmare

Title: Dark Delights
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Darkness, silence, grim, reality

Title: Closedown
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Darkness, nothing, depth, meaning

Title: Crimson Song
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Pain, secrets, lies, suffering

Title: Photograph's Pictures
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Aching, broken, promises, trickery, ruined age

Title: Walk of Shame
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Sin, falling, macabre

Title: Druid
Author: TakeThisBloodForInk    Category: Personal    Keywords: druid nature paganism

Title: Midnight Whispers
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Nightmares, gloom, time, tears, doom

Title: Confessions of Insanity
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Terror, dream, deeds, thoughts, haunted

Title: Colorado
Author: adelaurier    Category: Personal    Keywords: hug, opportunities, friendship

Title: Shame
Author: adelaurier    Category: Personal    Keywords: shame, affection, acceptance

Title: Night Terrors
Author: Josh M. Webb    Category: Personal    Keywords: shadow, brain

Title: Isolation
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Possessed, madness, victim, isolation

Title: Dark Mourning
Author: Macabre    Category: Personal    Keywords: Hours, grief, mourning

Title: Parallel Worlds
Author: poembeast115    Category: Personal    Keywords: weird

Title: Vanishing Hope
Author: poembeast115    Category: Personal    Keywords: weird

Title: Thorns
Author: poembeast115    Category: Personal    Keywords: weird

Title: Like a little more
Author: amv79    Category: Personal    Keywords: Dagger, Shotgun, Blood.

Title: May 11 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Personal    Keywords: fix

Title: Hallucinations
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Personal    Keywords: hope, daydream, love

Title: Assassin
Author: mdb76    Category: Personal    Keywords: self

Title: study
Author: mdb76    Category: Personal    Keywords: study

Title: I'm No Stranger
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Personal    Keywords: We, walk, cemetery. grave, tears, stranger,where

Title: All Alone
Author: BLUIEPOETRYGURL    Category: Personal    Keywords: Life

Title: It Was True
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Personal    Keywords: last together

Title: Extraterrestrial
Author: mathannamatics    Category: Personal    Keywords: Personal, nature, self-discovery

Title: Stretched in Two
Author: mathannamatics    Category: Personal    Keywords: Self-discovery, learning, anger, personal

Title: Blueprints
Author: mathannamatics    Category: Personal    Keywords: Personal

Title: Pollen
Author: mathannamatics    Category: Personal    Keywords: Personal, self-discovery, realization, life

Title: Some Things
Author: girlzdiariez    Category: Personal    Keywords: Love, Goodbye, Sad, Regret,

Title: Face Your Fear
Author: girlzdiariez    Category: Personal    Keywords: Love, Life, Hope

Title: Silent Rain
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Personal    Keywords: askfhajsgf

Title: Holding on
Author: LetGoOfOnceLoved    Category: Personal    Keywords: love

Title: One
Author: Guest1864    Category: Personal    Keywords: Special, Friendship, First Love

Title: Conscience
Author: dragonfly    Category: Personal    Keywords: conscience, butterfly

Title: Reverie
Author: littlewordsmith    Category: Personal    Keywords: Don't you dare come back to me.

Title: Fifteen months.
Author: littlewordsmith    Category: Personal    Keywords: Finally letting you go after fifteen months of agony.

Title: Pain
Author: thedarknesslieswithin    Category: Personal    Keywords: Pain

Title: Frigid Clouds or Radiant Rays
Author: Lion Cake    Category: Personal    Keywords: ode weather hot cold

Title: I Ramble
Author: Rextremens    Category: Personal    Keywords: Rambling

Title: Entropy
Author: Harmonixer82    Category: Personal    Keywords: Doubt

Title: Desertus
Author: Harmonixer82    Category: Personal    Keywords: Loss

Title: Knights Honor
Author: Harmonixer82    Category: Personal    Keywords: Love

Title: Silence is best
Author: The lost boy    Category: Personal    Keywords: silence, unsaid

Title: Abusive Lover
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Personal    Keywords: noticed

Title: Dad I never knew
Author: Tanassabc    Category: Personal    Keywords: Dad, left, lonely

Title: Abuse
Author: skepta7    Category: Personal    Keywords: abuse, personal

Title: Reflection
Author: skepta7    Category: Personal    Keywords: personal, reflection

Title: O Forest
Author: RiftHanger    Category: Personal    Keywords: Nature, Father, Son, Forest, Reflection

Title: Weeping Willow
Author: Verbal Junkie    Category: Personal    Keywords: Heart Break

Title: Lunacy
Author: MJB778    Category: Personal    Keywords: Crazy insane moon lunar love hurt madness

Title: Me Turning Something That Isn't About Me Into Something About Me
Author: GabrielaWyV    Category: Personal    Keywords: Mental health

Title: No lies
Author: Zaza    Category: Personal    Keywords: pure