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(41) results for "Society"

Title: We The People
Author: fostercare    Category: Society    Keywords: hate, stigma, discrimination

Title: When You’re
Author: fostercare    Category: Society    Keywords: Thanksgiving

Title: What The World Should Be
Author: jrh187    Category: Society    Keywords: life

Title: illegal alien
Author: grunge    Category: Society    Keywords: illegal alien

Title: Applause
Author: Senita    Category: Society    Keywords: Lead Actress , Deux ex Machina, dirty Soul

Title: what's in a name
Author: hugheson    Category: Society    Keywords: names

Title: change
Author: piunik    Category: Society    Keywords: world, current events

Title: Back in 69
Author: K-Dalton    Category: Society    Keywords: Poem, K-Dalton,Back in 69,political

Title: a nation
Author: ktracey    Category: Society    Keywords: nation

Title: They say it's recreational.
Author: endlessnameless    Category: Society    Keywords: terminal, recreational, drunk, drinking, alcohol, useless generation, anger, pain, depression

Title: The Unknown
Author: ilerlily    Category: Society    Keywords: wild violent unloved unknown

Title: Ghosts in the Twilight
Author: ilerlily    Category: Society    Keywords: Civil war story

Title: Never letting me be me
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Society    Keywords: soicity

Title: Evil
Author: jmang33    Category: Society    Keywords: ?

Title: Envy for the Blind
Author: mbekks    Category: Society    Keywords: envy for the blind a society

Title: Killing Ground
Author: markov44    Category: Society    Keywords: Reaction to Connecticut Tragedy

Title: Deadbeat City
Author: jmang33    Category: Society    Keywords: jk

Title: Revolution?
Author: markov44    Category: Society    Keywords: Rebels -- Real or Pretend

Title: Austerity
Author: Triker    Category: Society    Keywords: austerity, dispair

Title: Dr. Channel 10 Reporter
Author: thepoor    Category: Society    Keywords: doctor channel 10 reporter

Title: #yolo
Author: alberttheman    Category: Society    Keywords: Society

Title: A beautiful world without people
Author: SpeakBelieve153    Category: Society    Keywords: our world, people, silence, empty, nothing

Title: come, child.
Author: mastershake    Category: Society    Keywords: society, lifes paths

Title: Thinning
Author: thepianosongs    Category: Society    Keywords: Thin, skinny, fat

Title: 11:11
Author: chrismcknight    Category: Society    Keywords: cmpoem

Title: Accusers Among Us
Author: markov44    Category: Society    Keywords: Unfounded allegations

Title: Philosophy
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Society    Keywords: philosophy, optimism, pessimism

Title: Beginning
Author: amartin    Category: Society    Keywords: Let us be better than ourselves!

Title: The idea
Author: amartin    Category: Society    Keywords: Humanism, idea, society, unity

Title: Lost Generation
Author: SongChild21    Category: Society    Keywords: Life, daily struggle, ignorance, corruption

Title: Extrapolation
Author: amartin    Category: Society    Keywords: Humanism, chimera, love, union

Title: eric & dylan
Author: katybliss    Category: Society    Keywords: columbine,eric harris,dylan klebold,murder,death,suicide,school shooting,violence,anger,compassion,empathy,tragedy,adolescence,teen,boys,killing,high school,bullying,grief,society

Title: Kristallnacht Forest
Author: mathannamatics    Category: Society    Keywords: Historical, society, personal, anger, nostalgic

Title: The Ballad Of Winchester Jail
Author: les.cole    Category: Society    Keywords: prison

Title: Where the Plum Fairy Hides
Author: OTownPete    Category: Society    Keywords: It is up to each and every one of you to make up your own mind about this one…I am not taking a position, more offering an exposition. I will fully understand if this alarms or disgusts you…if so, let me know. Life is not always as we would wish.

Title: L-awful law
Author: W.T.K    Category: Society    Keywords: Law, life experience, reality

Title: The gossip
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Society    Keywords: read it normal and it's to a gossip, read only the capitalised words and it's someone who doesn't let gossip take their life

Title: I know a bully
Author: thepoet353897    Category: Society    Keywords: Bullying

Title: Peace Sells... Doesn`t it?
Author: Peace Sells    Category: Society    Keywords: Peace Sells...

Title: honest people
Author: Adroaldo    Category: Society    Keywords: Honesty, people, hope.

Title: Modern Day Warrior
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Society    Keywords: Battles, defeat, admiration, support, exhaustion