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(241) results for "Thoughts"

Title: Night
Author: fostercare    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: dark, scary, evolving

Title: Showing Expression
Author: poembeast115    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Feelings

Title: Passage of Youth
Author: fostercare    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Youth

Title: Sorrow
Author: poembeast115    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: feelings

Title: Bonded
Author: scooterlewjak    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: the bond

Title: We Are Changed
Author: Roy    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: time, love, experience, we

Title: Clarity
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: inspiration

Title: Arid Times
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Truth

Title: A Visual Concept
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: s

Title: Fear
Author: scallie1    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Fear

Title: My New School
Author: poembeast115    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: school

Title: Magical
Author: World    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: magic

Title: With Thought
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Thoughts    Keywords:

Title: Does it?
Author: mherrmann14    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Hoplessness

Title: If only
Author: Rextremens    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Untitled

Title: Look
Author: Rextremens    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Look

Title: Who is a friend?
Author: Rextremens    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Untitled

Title: Words
Author: Rextremens    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Untitled

Title: My Secret
Author: Just.A.Girl    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Secret

Title: Stars and Music
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Tell me what you think?

Title: Spiral Staircase in Sepia
Author: paulapuddephatt    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: staircase, stairs, sepia, insomnia, sleep, clock

Title: A Given Life
Author: poembeast115    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts

Title: Technolgy These Days
Author: poembeast115    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: fun

Title: It Takes Time
Author: poembeast115    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: thoughts

Title: Final Hours
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Hope you enjoy

Title: Shadow Lands
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: None

Title: Revealing Truths
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: none

Title: Life's Rest
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life, love, body

Title: Sleep of Death
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Soul, Death

Title: Existence
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Light, Darkness

Title: Face Paint
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Light, Darkness, Masquerade

Title: Final Hours
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: none

Title: Shadow Lands
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: none

Title: Revealing Truths
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: none

Title: Life and Death
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life, Death

Title: Scars and Echoes
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Scars, Echoes, Blood, Death

Title: Beyond
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts, Voice, Poems

Title: Masterpeice
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Lessons, Masterpiece, Echoes

Title: Behind the Glass
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: none

Title: Master or Goblin
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Devil, God, Goblin, Master, Soul

Title: Strange Duet
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Mask, Thoughts, Voice, Spirit

Title: To Die Again
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Death, Life

Title: Fantasized Thoughts
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts, Goblin, Beast, Hell, Heaven, Fantasies

Title: The Undead
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Dead, Alive, Live

Title: My Design of Life and Death
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Death, Live, Design, Grave, Alive

Title: New Creature
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: none

Title: Crimson Rain
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Voices, blood, stained, Death,

Title: .. waiting..
Author: Yaxara    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: patience, I, time, wait,

Title: Run...
Author: Yaxara    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: run

Title: Time Always Reveals
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Time

Title: Dear Sympathy
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Sympathy, tears, Music

Title: My Canvas
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts, Mind, Paper, Pen, Ink

Title: Fiction
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Fiction, Spotlight, Universe

Title: Illusions
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Illusions, Love, Romance

Title: An Interesting Thought
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thought, Live, Die, Dead

Title: Glory and Grace
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Cut, Bleed, Glory, Grace, Lies

Title: Untitled B
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Tears, Sympathy, Ashes, Church, Music, Words

Title: Tarnished Gold
Author: Dark Artist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Treasure, Dark, Silver, Gold, Tarnished

Title: Cross - roads...?
Author: Senita    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Subconscious, Reasoning, Visions

Title: Abandon
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Reflection, Change, Free-Verse, Past, Future, Growth

Title: Unborn
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: A Wild Abortion Poem Appears, Birth, Children, Entrapment, Confinement, Unknown

Title: Almost done
Author: Colebunny55    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Math, Concentration, PMSing, My Orginal

Title: The mind Itself
Author: supineplath    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: mind

Title: Human Condition
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Contradiction, Humanity, State-of-Being

Title: Love is Cruel
Author: Potterhead    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Cruel, Love, Suicide

Title: I
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Lost, Thoughts, Mentality, Cellar,

Title: Epitaph
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Suicide, Death, Mourning, Pain,

Title: Continental Drift
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Separation, Drifting, Continents, Oceans, Water

Title: Voice
Author: AuraofConfusion    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: I Don't Know... Suffocation I Suppose...

Title: A Spanish Sailor Lost Inland
Author: Eilidh Hart    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: thoughts, escape, fantasy, travel, transport, imagination, loneliness, lost-in-thought

Title: heart on a string
Author: alixwedmore    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: heart, thought, string, affection

Title: Music of the Soul
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: music, feelings

Title: Mind
Author: Vesky    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: mind

Title: Pawns of King
Author: YoungPhilosopher    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Evil, Sins, Guilt, God, Dark, Lust

Title: from The Observer
Author: Ventriloquist    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: observer

Title: There and Gone
Author: kumori123    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: raindrop, labarinth, lost

Title: a message left to rot
Author: eric88    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: random thoughts of carvings

Title: a stranger passing by
Author: eric88    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: when i see you in passing

Title: Essential Essence
Author: ilerlily    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: leaf, dewdrops what was

Title: a girl i know
Author: eric88    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: ?

Title: Games Up
Author: summershutterbug    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Game, life

Title: O
Author: qintarra    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Regret

Title: A cigarette at night
Author: jmang33    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: sad

Title: In the Dark
Author: paigezubel    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: dark, freedom, sun

Title: Surrounded
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Being Surrounded Left Angered

Title: The Greatest Irony
Author: mbekks    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: the greatest irony a

Title: Shallow
Author: mbekks    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: shallow doll the a

Title: Halls
Author: mbekks    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: halls death the a

Title: Weep
Author: supineplath    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Naivety

Title: Gravity
Author: supineplath    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: gravity

Title: (Anti) Social Media
Author: markov44    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Twitter, Facebook, et al.

Title: Heroin
Author: g-dogg    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Pain

Title: Behind the bars
Author: inthedeep    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts, pain, freedom, fear

Title: Questions of religion
Author: darkest secrets    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Religion. thoughts in my head

Title: Go, The Bait.
Author: thepoor    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: go the bait

Title: The Damned City
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Sin, death, destruction

Title: A Sinful Supper
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Good, evil, God

Title: Red
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Red, blood, love, death, prayer

Title: Pagan Ritual
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Evil, blood, power

Title: Black Organ Plays
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Pentagram, devil, tusk, horns, red

Title: Christ Fire
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Fire, cross, pentagram, gods

Title: Saber-Toothed Mass
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Mass, cult, black, lamb

Title: Satanic Blood
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Blood, kills, horror, Hell

Title: Red
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Red, Blood, death

Title: Lamb
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Lamb, blood, sacrifice

Title: Unholy Smell
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Evil, devil, Hell

Title: Dark Artist
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Dark, artist

Title: Devil-Work
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Dark, mischief

Title: Foretelling Evil
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life, evil

Title: Dark Woods
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Moon, nighttime, alone

Title: Stars and Music
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Stars, music, blood, darkness

Title: Life's Murder
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life

Title: Mimic
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: blood, betrayal, art

Title: Final Hours
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Cuts, deep, bleed, hours

Title: Life's Rest
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life, love, body

Title: Bleeding Bullet
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Pain

Title: The Morning Star
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Grave, heart

Title: Face Paint
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life, darkness, masquerade

Title: Beyond
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts, copies, beyond

Title: Behind the Glass
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Trapped, nature, hide

Title: Master or Goblin
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Devil, God, goblin, master, soul

Title: Strange Duet
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Mask, thoughts, spirit, voice

Title: Fantasized Thoughts
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Hell, Heaven, goblin, beast

Title: The Undead
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Dead, alive, live

Title: Mother Dearest
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Snake, mocking, two-faced

Title: Crimson Rain
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Voices, blood, stained, death

Title: Time Always Reveals
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Time

Title: Untilted A
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Moments, time, fate, darkness

Title: Secrets Revealed
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Sins, secrets

Title: Fiction
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Fiction, spotlight, universe

Title: Illusions
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Illusions

Title: An Interesting Thought
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thought, live, die, dead

Title: Tarnished Gold
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Treasure, Dark, Silver, Gold, Tarnished

Title: Little Warm Death
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Shadows, desire, dancing, love

Title: The Damned City
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Men, murder, sin, death

Title: Funeral Feast
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Blood, respect, betray

Title: Funeral Make-up
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Teardrops, lugubrious

Title: Addmission
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Shattered, admission, dreams, ripped apart

Title: Reality Check
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life, death, reality, imagination, destiny

Title: Mind Sight
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Mind, hearts, lifetime

Title: Symbolized Mystery
Author: Macabre    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Language, death, story, life

Title: scare
Author: thePretender3    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: love, loss, future

Title: Don't Think so, Pet Sounds!
Author: amv79    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Pet Sounds, God, Life, Lovw

Title: April 20 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Blue

Title: April 2 2013
Author: juliataylor5    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: truth sadness love no love

Title: Hidden soldiers
Author: ktracey    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: soldiers, death

Title: Celeste
Author: Allen Paulson    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: bingo, pest, loud, obnoxious

Title: the word
Author: hawksy    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: word

Title: Closing the Distance
Author: Shadowed Pen    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Possibly song lyrics

Title: a very distant porch
Author: yerdusk    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: porch mountain

Title: a very distant porch
Author: yerdusk    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: porch mountain

Title: Chiller Supreme
Author: VentureToAdventure    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Life

Title: Patience
Author: VentureToAdventure    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Patient Peace

Title: Rubies from the sun
Author: yerdusk    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: river

Title: Broken Elevator Goodbye's
Author: BraveryLeeds    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Heights, Acrophobia, Fear, Fears, Stairs, Me, Help

Title: Instant
Author: Chriscowa1    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: you, me, instant

Title: Battle
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Battle, brewing, heart, tried

Title: This Morning Blue
Author: taktang7    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Blue

Title: thunder bay
Author: mdb76    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: travel

Title: Reality
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Reality, think,you,decieved

Title: Insanity
Author: Dans baby    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Goodbye

Title: Lost
Author: snanders21    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Lost Love

Title: Untitled
Author: MyCraft    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Mountain journey existential existentialist existentialism suicide fall purpose sad jump

Title: Walking the Tightrope
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: mind, thoughts , ever

Title: Walking the Tightrope
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: mind, thoughts , ever

Title: Schithophrenia
Author: wonderfulblue    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Schizophrenia, Loneliness, Foreign

Title: Drained
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: beautiful , whiskey, drained, mindset

Title: An intent to kill
Author: synteri    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: kill

Title: Lost time
Author: Texasgirl    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Lost time

Title: Untitled
Author: margoexposed    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: selfless

Title: Untitled
Author: Texasgirl    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Heal within

Title: On War
Author: Conor_Larkin    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: War, loss

Title: You As A Cigarette
Author: margoexposed    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: constant, love

Title: I Once believed
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: once, believed,

Title: The Revolver
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: chamber, shot, felt

Title: Alone~
Author: SillyCreativity    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Alone, lonely, sad, acceptance

Title: Questions
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: ? ? ?

Title: True Vision
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: deceit blinded blurry vision

Title: Solitary
Author: littlewordsmith    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Self-loathing.

Title: I'm Sorry
Author: onyxx18    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: sea

Title: Somber Reply
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: replied eyes first last

Title: Helpful People
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: help, people

Title: What is Life
Author: hammer    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Something to think about

Title: changing thoughtss
Author: vibrantmind    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: changing thoughts mind struggles moodswings

Title: Sinking into the Office (Part 1)
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: first, second, third, natural, beauty

Title: Sinking into the Office (Part 2)
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: fake, accustomed, unnatural , unsaid lies

Title: Her Voice
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: her, sound, voice, beautiful, dead

Title: somewhere
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: somewher

Title: Never mentioned
Author: Lilpoetry147    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Writing

Title: Unsaid Words
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: unsaid words, feel,

Title: Forest underneath
Author: yerdusk    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: forest

Title: Why Are We So Different ?
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: you and i , why are we so different

Title: Balance
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: happy,sad,outweigh,balance

Title: Off the Face of the Earth
Author: supineplath    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Earth, fell, surface, waking up, rest

Title: into me sea
Author: yerdusk    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: thoughts

Title: Terrifyingly Beautiful
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: sand, water,horizon,escape,terrifying,beautiful

Title: Show Me
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Sadness, disbelief, love, thoughts

Title: Loosing a Sense
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: sense, smell, taste, touch, feel,see, hear

Title: Id, Ego, Ego Eximius
Author: Umbra Imago    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Self-identity

Title: The life of a Mime
Author: ~Anon~    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Silence, Actions

Title: A look on life
Author: Coltenevans    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Love

Title: See Me
Author: Chaselyn    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Universe, Soul, Pain, Life, Alive, Mind, Emotion, Overwhelming

Title: Why Does Every Poem Start With "I"
Author: Chaselyn    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Pain, Loneliness, Fear, Broken, Relationships, Vulnerability, Life, Objectification, Labeling, Narcissism,

Title: I Don't Know What/How To Say
Author: Chaselyn    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Unknown, Incoherence, Inability, Futile, Life, Emotion, Overwhelming, Restlessness, Frustration

Title: What Could (Not) Be True
Author: Chaselyn    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Self Esteem, Relationships, Deceit, Drowning, Truth, Life

Title: She Was (Not) Mysterious
Author: Chaselyn    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Facade, Verisimilitude, Questions, Loneliness, Misunderstanding, Mystery, Guarded, Soul, Self Esteem

Title: Rhyme Spews
Author: Coffee.n.Tea    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: rhyme

Title: Sad Addiction
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: pain, addicted,thankyou

Title: Where does the time go?
Author: Wrangwar    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: corny

Title: leaving for good
Author: A.E.G.    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: cry, time, gave up, going

Title: First poem - dark confession
Author: Journeytothetruth1    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Sneaky

Title: Sex Appeal to Kill
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: her,sex appeal,kill

Title: Perhaps You Think
Author: thepoet353897    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: war

Title: pale face
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: face confused reflection

Title: Frightful Life
Author: evemetalchick    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: death,terror

Title: Frightful Life
Author: evemetalchick    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Death

Title: Masks
Author: lavender_gymnast    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: ballad, masks

Title: 6am
Author: primedecadence    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: 6am

Title: Distress
Author: skepta7    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: distress, powerful

Title: Woman
Author: halley-Layne    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: woman

Title: line
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Poet, drama, melodrama, whisper, shout

Title: Distilled
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: poetry, liquor, distilled

Title: Gift
Author: Wyatt1    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: poetry, poem, human, simplicity, complexity

Title: Whir
Author: jmang33    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: k

Title: Based On An Over Reaction To My Lamp Turning Off
Author: GabrielaWyV    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: mental health, light

Title: Writing
Author: Dinma    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: writing

Title: No Time For Lie
Author: RianPitan    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: fear, struggle, contemplation, thought

Title: Glimpse
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Tear, Tears, Eyes, Blink

Title: 'Likes'
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: social media, likes, dislikes, people, facade

Title: Out of Reach
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: thoughts, ideas, concepts, illusions, chasing

Title: Silent Expression
Author: Kerensa Aife    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Consuming Snowballing Thoughts Unexpressed

Title: Reflections
Author: dante1208    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Reflections, Introspection

Title: Reinsertion
Author: dante1208    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Reflection

Title: Another ordinary day
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: beauty giggle person philosophy time word

Title: Heartbeat of the Snowy Mountains
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: heartbeat labyrinth beauty remember tender

Title: Colours of Introspection
Author: starlight dancer    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: blind feelings beauty remember bright heart

Title: Cabalistic
Author: dante1208    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thoughts, Cabalistic, Metaphor

Title: Crystal Walk-In
Author: dante1208    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Thought, Reflection, Faith, God

Title: Holiday
Author: dante1208    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Spiritual, Vision, Revelation

Title: From My Heart
Author: Rextremens    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Heart

Title: Empty
Author: jmang33    Category: Thoughts    Keywords: Death