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SharingPoetry.com is a NEW online community for lovers of poetry. Here you can read unpublished poetry from both amateurs and professionals alike. Everyone is welcome to join our community for free and share their poems with the world. This is a unique meeting place for poets and fans to read, share, and discuss poetry to their heart's content. Members support one another's poetic efforts with positive feedback and comments. Maybe you have a stack of old poems just laying around that you have always wanted to share with others or you may be interested in writing your own poetry for the first time. No matter the reason, if you love poetry then we are happy that you have found us!

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Title:  Temple

On the stairs,
Of the altar,
I only see one Hope,
Rising up,
To an unmoving Wheel;

Statues smile
At the unfaithful Clown,

For his grinning is not enough,
To shake the dust off his nose;

Six candles illuminate
The Devotion,
Everyone wishes
To get,

And Silence pronounces a yellow whisper,
To open up devotees' eyes,
And to make them look after
Their strongest science;

I'm still sit right here,
And enjoying the company,
Of a purple breeze.

Author:  dante1208
Category:  Spiritual